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E-products for mind

Welcome to our online store for intellectual editions, editions for science and education. In it you can buy exclusive electronic editions (published information cannot be found anywhere else).

Download the free or pay what you can

Since August 2012 our store offers customers a new model of relations.

All files of our products that are available for download over the Internet, you can get free or pay for them the amount, which they, in your opinion, are worth.

Products are available on CD, delivered in Ukraine page with shipping costs.

Please note: some of our products now available for free viewing on the WWW directly to our other sites list which is at the root page.

What is proposed

We offer electronic editions: encyclopedias, reference books, scientific monographs and collections of articles, scholar books and supplies for schools of different levels.

Our products are useful for pupils, students, graduate students and professors, scientists, cultural workers, journalists and writers, all those involved in self-education or interested in the subject of our publications.

Some of our books are electronic copies of paper editions; and some of them from the beginning was created in electronic media and has no paper counterparts.

Purchase, payment and delivery

Select the desired publication, using the hierarchical directory in the left side. Read the abstract and table of content – whether it is really what you need. Click on the buttons with question marks – to reveal more information.

Read the system requirements and method of use of publication.

We offer publications for paid download via the Internet and / or publications on CDs.

Download can be paid with WebMoney or paid SMS from your mobile phone. We recommend use WebMoney, if possible.

When paying by SMS please select a country and mobile operator. Then you will receive SMS text and the number to which it must submit, as well as the cost of the SMS. After sending SMS you will receive a one-time password. You enter it and download the product to your computer.

Publications on CD are delivered by mail within Ukraine. We send discs in small parcel withr cash on delivery (money paid on mail you receive small parcel).

How to use

Each electronic publication requires some software. In the simplest case it may be a web browser. In other cases, the necessary programs are included to the publication. One should read paragraphs describe the "Technology" and "How to use" for specific editions.

All our publications allow users to view information on the screen, copy it for use in other applications, search for desired information. Some publications aloow to print documents.


1. Why all editions are viewed expensive?

We offer publications at prices affordable for broadest population of Ukraine. Pay attention to item descriptions "Extent". Standard book edition (20 sheets) in Ukraine costs 40-50 UAH, i.e. 2-2.5 UAH per sheet. We offer at this price publications, which contain 100 and 200, and 300 sheets, i.e. 5 – 15 times more.

2. Where the price?

Some of our publications are delivered as whole (one component), and some consist of several components, each of which can be purchased separately. Therefore price is placed separately for each component.

3. Why SMS price so different?

Each mobile operator alone determines the tariff grid for their SMS. Some operators does not provide expensive SMS (so such editions can not be paid); other operators does not provide cheap SMS (according we have charging a higher price). If you have connection with several operators – select one who offers for this product SMS with the lowest price.

4. Can I trust the mail?

Yes you can. Our experience shows that the average delivery time for small parcel in Ukraine is 3-4 business days. Each parcel have air-bubble packaging, which reduces the risk of disc damage to a minimum.

5. Bought, but it does not work…

There are many reasons… We recommend that you check the following items:

  • Your computer meets the system requirements for publication. All our publications require is a computer (no CD player or other device).
  • For publication on the disk – make sure the drive works (reads other disks) and complain with the type of media (CD-R discs can be read in CD- or DVD-devices, DVD-R discs – only in DVD-devices).
  • Ensure that the disk has no visible mechanical damage and oriented correctly (default – the working surface to bottom).
  • If the disc does not start automatically – you may have this feature disabled. Start the disc manually through Explorer.
  • When you download exe-files (installations or self-extractive archives) through the Internet some programs for security reasons save them without the extension. Thus, the original publication file install.exe (for example) can be saved as install (no extension). Add .exe extension and run it for execution.
  • In difficult cases, please contact our .

6. Do not pay twice

Payment for products through SMS on mobile phones requires coordinated work of many servers. There are cases that the payment is done, but automatically downloading of the product fails.

If such error occurs – no need to pay again for the same product.

Write instead letter to support describing the problem. Name the paid product. If payment is received, the product will be sent to you manually.