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Archaeological research in Ukraine
in 1994 – 1996

Kyiv: Myslene drevo. – 2000.

Collection of scientific papers.

The publication continues the series of collections "Archaeological researchs in Ukraine", containing articles and reports of newly discovered sites. The collection includes articles for 1994-1996.

Publication is intended for researchers, teachers, graduate students and students who specialize in archeology, history and monuments.

Archeometrics and protection of historical and cultural heritage

Kyiv: Myslene drevo. – 2002.

Collection of scientific papers.

Articles about the results of archaeological survey and stationary excavation, presentation of new techniques in field and laboratory research, restoration and conservation work and so forth. And of sources, historiographic, legal aspects of preservation and other.

For students, graduates, faculty of archaeology, preservation. For anyone interested in the sights of Ukraine.

Large mound of archaic Scythian epoch in Kyiv region

Kyiv: Myslene drevo. – 2006.

Archaeological monograph.

Mound near the village Ivankovich near Kiev, studied in 1994, is one of the largest burial mounds of Scythian time in Forest-Steppe zone.

For experts on archeology and local history. For anyone interested in the past of Ukraine.

Dudkin V.P, Videiko M.Ju. Trypillian civilization architecture: from settlements to the protocities

Kyiv: Myslene drevo. – 2009.

Archaeological monograph.

According to archaeological data on the territory of Ukraine, Moldova and Romania are more than 4400 Trypillya sites. Planigraphy of 84 sites are investigated in the monograph.

For students, graduates, faculty of archaeology. For anyone interested in the past of Ukraine

Keppen P.I. Crimean collection on the antiquities of southern coast of Crimea and Taurus mountains

Sanct-Petersburg: Academy of sciences press. – 1837.

Collection of historical and local lore essays.

Book contain the first-time systematical description of the antiquities of Crimean peninsula. At that time a lot of objects was not destroyed or stayed in better conditions as today. There were made comprehensive description of each object.

For historians, archeologists, local lore researchers. For all interesting in the antiquities of Crimea.

Klochko V.I. Weaponry and military of ancient population of Ukraine

Kyiv: Myslene drevo. – 2006.

Archaeological monograph.

The monograph deals with the results of long-time research of arms of ancient societies in Ukraine from the Neolithic – Bronze Age and the Cimmerian period.

For experts on archeology, history, ethnography, for anyone interested in the past of Ukraine.


Mogarichev Yu.M. "Cave towns" in Taurica

Kyiv: Myslene drevo. – 2009.

Historical and archaeological monograph; guide.

Crimean "cave towns" are a unique monuments not only for Ukraine but also in the context of world cultural heritage. Author tried to show the monuments through the prism of the Crimea medieval history, and the reader gets the full information for each object.

For all lovers of antiquities of the Crimea. For tourists traveling to the Crimea.

Chernyakov I.T., Ryabova V.A. Scalps in Scythian gold

Kyiv: Myslene drevo. – 2006.

Essays on archaeology.

Presented research of group of mysterious objects in the form of golden cups with holes in bottoms, discovered during the excavations of Scythian burial mounds 5 – 4 cent. BC.

For experts on archeology, but also for anyone interested in the past of Ukraine