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Voitovich L.V. The descendants of Genghis Khan: an introduction to genealogy

Kyiv: Myslene drevo. – 2005.

Genealogy reference.

The book is an attempt to reproduce the most complete Dzhuchyds family tree – the oldest branches of Chynhizyd, which ruled in the Golden Horde.

For graduate students, specialists in the mediaeval history. For anyone interested in genealogy.

Yevshan-zillja: almanac 1987 – 1989

Kyiv: Myslene drevo. – 2007.

Scientific and literary almanac.

The CD contains electronic versions of all five editions of the almanac as a PDF files.

For all interested in history, culture, art of Ukraine, civil society in 1980th.

Zharkikh N.I. Ukraine in 13 – 18 centuries:
encyclopedic bibliographical guide

Kyiv: Myslene drevo. – 2007.

Encyclopedia, bibliography.

Proposed guide is intended to give possible complete information about all aspects of life of the Ukrainian people in 13 – 18 centuries. For this chosen path of annotation of bibliographic descriptions of books and articles on every topic.

For students, graduates, teachers of social sciences. For anyone interested in the past of Ukraine.


Zharkikh M.I. The Chernobyl disaster in the distorting mirror of the Communist press
1986 – 1988 šš.

Kyiv: Myslene drevo. – 2002.

Collection of historical documents.

The edition presents the full texts of publications of the Soviet press of 1986 – 1987 years, dedicated to the Chernobyl disaster – the explosion and subsequent destruction of the 4th unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which began April 26, 1986.

For anyone interested in Chernobyl, past and present situation in Ukraine.


Klos B. St. Michael's Golden-domed Monastery from the foundation to the present

Kyiv: Myslene drevo. – 2008.

Historical monograph.

History of St. Michael's Golden-domed Monastery in Kiev – one of the biggest and greatest Orthodox monasteries in Ukraine: from the establishment of 10 century to the 21 century.

For theologians, scientists and students. For all interested in the history of Kyiv and the Orthodox Church.

Korenyuk Yu.A. St. Michael's Golden-domed Cathedral in Kyiv

Kyiv: Myslene drevo. – 2010.

Monograph on art.

The book traced in detail the history of St. Michael's Cathedral artistic decoration from 12 to early 20 th century, and then the story of its destruction and looting of art values of the Moscow Bolsheviks.

For students, teachers, researchers in art history. For anyone interested in the past in Ukraine.

Pivovar A.V. Kirovohrad: origins of the region history

Kyiv: Myslene drevo. – 2008.

Collection of historical documents.

The publication presents the set of documents, which highlight the historical fate of modern Kirovograd region in 1 half of 18 cent., before the foundation of Kirovograd in 1756.

For historians, ethnographers, genealogists. For anyone interested in the past of Kirovograd region and Ukraine.

Ukrainian club "Spadschyna (Heritage)", 1987-1991 years: memories, documents, archives

Kyiv: Myslene drevo. – 2010.

Electronic archive.

The disc contains memories of club members, club documents (including all of its publications), documents of the Kiev regional organization of People's movement, an collection of informal press in Ukraine.

For all those interested in history, culture, art of Ukraine, civil society in 1980th.