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Pivovar A.V. Kirovohrad: origins of the region history

Edition cover

Kyiv: Myslene drevo. – 2008.

The publication presents the set of documents, which highlight the historical fate of modern Kirovograd region in 1 half of 18 cent., before the foundation of Kirovograd in 1756. This area was known as Zadniprsky places of Mirgorod and Poltava regiments and belonged to the Hetmanate.

The documents reflect the composition of the settlement, the lists of residents, centesimal and church structure, description of land ownership and property rights in Zadniprsky places prior to the formation of New Serbia and Slobodsky Cossack settlement in this territory.

In addition, presented 18-century maps in high resolution (up to 3200 pixels), allowing look maximum of the details.

Publication is intended for historians, philologists, ethnographers, all who are interested in the distant past of modern Kirovograd region and adjacent districts of Cherkasy, Poltava and Dnipropetrovsk regions of Ukraine.

The publication will be useful to all who seek their family roots in Kirovohrad region, interested in the history of the land.

You can use the full texts of books by A. Pivovar directly through the Web.

Genre: Collection of historical documents.

Intended: For historians, ethnographers, genealogists. For anyone interested in the past of Kirovograd region and Ukraine.

Extent: 60 digital sheets

Technology: HTML

System requirements: personal computer

CD-ROM edition

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