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Pohylevych L.I. Tales of the inhabited areas of the Kiev province

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Kiev: Kievo-Pechersk lavra. – 1864.

Leonti Ivanovich Pohilevich (1819 – 1893) – Ukrainian ethnographer, worked in Kyiv. Known for his books "Monasteries and churches of Kiev"(1865) and "Tales of the inhabited areas of the Kiev province" (1864).

The last book is a valuable description of the towns, villages and temples of modern Kiev, Cherkassy, Zhytomyr and parts of the Vinnytsia region as of 1864.

Genre: Historical and statistical description.

Intended: For ethnographers, historians, historians of the church. For all those interested in the history of the Kiev region.

Extent: 48 digital sheets (771 pp. @ 300 dpi)

Technology: PDF

System requirements: personal computer

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