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E-products for mind / Local studies / Zharkikh M.I. Architecture of Ukraine in the photos by Mykola Zharkikh

Zharkikh M.I. Architecture of Ukraine in the photos by Mykola Zharkikh

Edition cover

Kyiv: Myslene drevo. – 2008.

From 1973 M.I. Zharkikh involved photographing architectural monuments of Ukraine. In photo collection abundantly present monuments of Kyiv (Sophia Cathedral, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, Vydubytsky monastery, the Museum of Folk Architecture), Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Poltava, Lviv, Kamenetz-Podolsk. Most of the sights is our Orthodox churches, however, enough is presented Catholic Church and Jewish synagogues, castles and fortresses: Medzhybozh, Olesko, Ternopil, Khotyn…

Outline map of monuments distribution

On this map you can see areas where situated architectural monuments are represented in the catalogue

This catalogue was created as a guide to photo archives, each frame is accompanied by minimal explanation in the node header that contains the date and place taken, name of the monument. The average frame size in the catalog – 800:600 pixels. Catalogue is also contain a reference guide for a complete list of shooting sites location with maps.

This version of the catalog contains 17 305 documents, 5.31 author sheets of text, 15 574 photos, 356 maps. It covers 1/4 of thecollection. The content catalog will be extended.

Genre: Photo catalogue.

Intended: For professionals and amateurs in Ukrainian architecture.

Extent: 282 digital sheets

Technology: MYS

System requirements: personal computer

Catalog on CD

Table of content:

Media: CD-R disc

Case: Amarey case

How to use:

Price: 50.00 UAH

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