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Zharkikh N.I. Temples of Podillja

Edition cover

Kyiv: Myslene drevo. – 2007.

There is an illustrated encyclopedic guide of christian churches at Podillja (historical region of Ukraine). It contains information about 3127 churches, which are in 2368 settlements of 8 regions of Ukraine and Moldavia. It provides concise factual information on the history of each temple, and, where possible – images of churches. All data have the links to the sources.

This guide is available as a web publication and as this CD.

Use web publication, if

  • you're just starting with product introduction
  • you are interested in only a small number of villages / churches
  • you meet the image size 400 pixels
  • you will be quite 370 images which are included in the web version

Working screen of the e-edition

Working screen of the e-edition

Use CD-ROM if

  • you use this product regularly
  • you tired of waiting for loading large number of images
  • you need image size 800 pixels
  • you need 2370 images, that is in 6.5 times the number of images in the web version
  • you need an expanded and updated articles compared to the web version
  • you are interested in more than 500 monuments of national importance outside Podillja

The main text is in ukrainian language.

Genre: Encyclopedic guide.

Intended: For historians, local lore students, anyone interested in the past and monuments of Ukraine and Podillja

Extent: 327 digital sheets

Technology: MYS

System requirements: personal computer

CD-ROM edition

Table of content:

Media: CD-R disc

Case: Amarey case

How to use:

Price: 50.00 UAH

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