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20 May 2018 New story by N. Kostomarov

We publish story "Servant" (1878).

Meanwhile, he made a good deed before his death he forgave all the pins and beatings that he had to bear, and forgave not only empty words, but the act by which he saved his mistress.

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18 May 2018 New works by Panas Myrny

We publish the first part of the novel "Do the rage of the oxes, as a napkin full" (1872 1875).

1. Field princess / 2. Twice married / 3. Childs years / 4. Live-live! / 5. Secret not a secret / 6. Recognized / 7. Husband

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16 May 2018 New about Goroshky fortress

We publish an article by L.V. Gorkovchuk "Goroshky fortress in the light of documents, historiographical and cartographic sources" (2018).

In this article the monument is analyzed on the basis of published documents, historiographic, cartographic sources and field surveys.

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14 May 2018 New didactic works by Juri Fedkovich

We publish the didactic works of Yu. Fedkovich.

Be obedient! / Be neat / Be polite / Only tell the truth / Do not stare at someone elses! / Life of the Holy Great Martyr George

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12 May 2018 New about Oleksa Kyrij

  (. 1938 .) Photo gallery of Oleksa Kyrij is replenished with 13 photos, including portrait of 1938.

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10 May 2018 New about free sailors

We continue publishing a collection of documents "Free sailors villages Dereivka and Kutsevolivka" (2014). Today The Revizion list of 1858 of May of the 14th day of the Ekaterinoslav province, Verkhnedneprovsky district, the state village Derievka.

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8 May 2018 New novel by D. Mordovets

We continue publishing novel "Twelfth year" (1879). Today next 10 chapters, including "20. A trip to Avdotino."

What is he like? / Very little, says its not like a man, but a man to the waist, and theres a fish, to say Heres to fight with him! / Yes, exactly it is difficult to fight with such a thing.

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6 May 2018 New about Chornobyl disaster

The collection of documents "Chornobyl disaster in the distorting mirror of the Communist press" is now continued. Today posts from August 1987.

A serious lesson, a strict warning against laxity, lack of discipline, irresponsible attitude to the performance of official duties, sentenced the perpetrators of the accident.

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4 May 2018 New about Ivan Karpenko-Karyj

, 1903 . Photo gallery of I. Karpenko-Karyj is replenished with 5 photos, in particular, portrait of 1903.

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2 May 2018 Nes document collection

We publish the collection "Sport in Western Ukraine: 1926 1939", compiled by Volodymyr Banyas in 2015.

Sports in Transcarpathia before the advent of Soviets / Sports in Bukovina before the advent of Soviets.

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30 Apr 2018 New about ukrainian church

We continue to publish a collection of documents "The First All-Ukrainian Orthodox Church Cathedral of the UAOC" (1999). Today the last 22 documents, including "24. Invitation to members of the All-Ukrainian Orthodox Church Council to attend a lecture at the Ukrainian Architectural Institute."

The Ukrainian Architectural Institute has the honor to ask members of the Church Council for a lecture for members of the Council: "Ukrainian Church Architecture and the ways of its revival".

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28 Apr 2018 New drama by Marko Kropyvnytsky

We publish drama "As long as the sun goes down, dew will an eyes eat out" (1882) by Marko Kropyvnytsky.

My happiness, my world, my vision!.. Oksanko, God witness that I am yours! All my strength is in you, all your dreamed and dreamy lovers! You are the clear ray that will enlighten my intentions!

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26 Apr 2018 New story by O. Konyski

We publish story "Antin Kalina" (1878).

The testament Kalina was wonderful, although it completely corresponded to his lack of talent and the error, for the sake of which he was taken from Tsarevomoskovsk, and then made of him "Kalinin" and "buried".

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24 Apr 2018 New about history of the Golden Horde

We continue publishing the work "Noon and Twilight of the Great Land" (2018) by Victor Talakh. Today chapter "Uzbek".

Coming to power / First years of government (1313 1323) / Strengthening of the state (1324 1330) / At the height of power (1330 1334) / Autumn of life (1335-1339) / The death of Uzbek Khan

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22 Apr 2018 New book on Kyiv

. XI-1.   .   We continue publication of the book "Ancient Kyiv, vol. 2" (1961) by M. K. Karger. Today the next 10 tables (Church of the Tithes).

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20 Apr 2018 New folklore recordings by S. Rudansky

We publish the last 17 songs from the group "Unlucky love: separation, betrayal, social inequality", including "Oh, Im unhappy".

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18 Apr 2018 New about Ivan Nechuy-Levitsky

, 1890- . Photo gallery of I. Nechuy-Levitsky is replenished with 5 photos, in particular, portrait of 1890-s.

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16 Apr 2018 New story by Marko Vovchok

We publish story "Three Fates" (1861).

- The child is very fond of the boy, asks the mother: let her be happy in us! I did not pick up my daughter, father murmured, that I should give her the first pass through the world, which will fall into her eye there!

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14 Apr 2018 New documents about Ukraine 1918 1920

We are beginning to publish a collection of documents "Archive of the Ukrainian Peoples Republic. Ministry of Internal Affairs. Practice of provincial elders and commissioners (1918 1920)" (2018), prepared by Valentin Kavunnik. Today reports of provincial elders from Volyn and Yekaterinoslav provinces.

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12 Apr 2018 New sources about Ukraine

We continue publishing the textbook by E. Luniak "Cossack Ukraine in the V V centuries in the eyes of the French contemporaries" (2013). Today the next 5 sections, including "De la Croix (1670-1685)".

From the memoirs of the Secretary of the French Embassy in Constantinople in 1670-1685 de la Croix.

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10 Apr 2018 New Articles by M. Khvylovy

We publish the following 5 articles on literature, including "To the readers of" Prolitfront "(1930).

We congratulate those Ukrainian writers from Western Ukraine who have become actively fighting with all the scum of Ukrainian fascism (Dontsov, Malanyuk and Ko).

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8 Apr 2018 New about B.-I. Antonych

   (1927  1947 .) In the photo gallery B.-I. Antonych added 8 photos, including his parents house in the village Bortjatin

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6 Apr 2018 New story by G. Kvitka-Osnovjanenko

We publish wtory "The Konotop Witch" (1836).

1. Unsuccessful matchmaking of the centurion Zabrekha / 2. Centurion Zabrekha and scribe Pistryak / 3. Pistryak tells to Zabrekha about the witches / 4. Seven Konotop witches / 5. Punishment of witches

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4 Apr 2018 Memoirs by Ulas Samchuk

We publish memoirs "On a white horse" (1956) by Ulas Samchuk.

During this time a second world war broke down, nine states fell And all this in order that I could triumphantly, on a white horse, to enter this ancient city of my ancestors.

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2 Apr 2018 New book on Kyiv

   , 28  1917 . We continue publishing the book by O. Kucheruk "Kyiv 1917-1919. Events, individuals, addresses." Today the next 10 illustrations.

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30 Mar 2018 New monograph on Kyiv

Anas crecca, (Photo Kempka S.) Photo gallery of fauna Kyiv islands and coastal tracts on the Dnipro is replenished with 20 photos.

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28 Mar 2018 New book by Dmytro Dontsov

We publish book "Poetess of fire borders. Elena Teliga (1953).

1. Portrait of the Poetess / 2. Hymn to life / 3. Against botchers of life / 4. Mirage of storm / 5. Word and weapons / 6. Tragic heroism / 7. Faith and love / 8. The path to the Golgotha / 9. Mystery of death

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26 Mar 2018 New translations by M. Starytsky

We publish poetry translations by M. P. Starytsky, including J. G. Byron and H. Heine.

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24 Mar 2018 New book on banking

We finish publishing the monograph Gavrilko P. P., Kuzhelev M. O., Britschenko I. G. "Corporate Relations in the Banking Sector" (2016).

4.1. Financial security as an element of economic security / 4.2. Diagnostics of financial condition in the context of providing financial security of the bank

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22 Mar 2018 New work by Volodymyr Banjas

We continue to publish a series of essays by V. Banjas "Grani" (2017). Today section "Non-stopped Transcarpathia".

The natives of the Silver Earth (which is the poetic name of Transcarpathia), who now live in other regions of Ukraine, "did not recognize" a small homeland when they read news about the Mukachevo horror.

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