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"Myslene drevo" – a multi-purpose site for Ukrainian science and education.

Site designed and maintained by a group of Ukrainian experts in the field of computer technology and the humanities – a "Myslene drevo" group. Our group works in Kiev.

The purpose of our site – to promote science and education in Ukraine through the introduction of computer technology. To do this, we fill the reading rooms for scientific, educational and belletristic literature, develop and deploy computer software, produce e-editions of scientific, educational and literary direction, develop and maintain new websites in this direction.

Site sections

For readers

we suggest:

– take advantage of the full text of the reading rooms;

– easy navigate document tree with Ctrl+Up / Down keyboard shortcuts;

– search data you need via the search box in the upper right of the window;

– print documents you need using the "Print versoin" button;

– follow the news of our site;

– send mails to us with comments and suggestions;

– correcting spelling errors, selecting them by mouse and press Ctrl+Enter;

– lastly, buy our electronic edition.

For authors and copyright holders

we suggest:

– post your articles / monographs / manuals / etc. in free access in our reading rooms;

– issue an electronic publication of your works on CD-ROM;

– issue an electronic publication of your papers to file for online paid downloads.

We publish the works of any topics that they meet our goal – the development of science and education in Ukraine. We make Ukraine – Ukrainian!

If you're curious – for the beginning email us.

Contributing site

Site support team works on a purely voluntary basis. We does not receive any payment for our work, and often put our own money. Our site has never received cash assistance target, and all that you see on the site, we made ourselves.

We will continue to work, not expecting to receive "grants" or support from some mythical "mecenats" or "sponsors".

So if you want help develop our website, you can this is done in the following ways:

– share information about our site among your friends and acquaintances to encourage them to visit our site;

– put links to our site or specific pages on your Web sites and blogs;

– write reviews / comments / articles on our site or some of our projects, post them online or in paper publications;

– mention our site to your television or radio programs (if you have that opportunity);

– use our site in your classroom with pupils / students / graduate students – even with all those you have to teach;

– make electronic copies of science / education publications which are not copyrighted, and send them to us for publication;

– encourages their friends and acquaintances – authors (holders) for the publication of their copyright material on this site.

All these methods do not require you to cash or other expenses – they just need your goodwill and a certain tenacity.

We have already helped

– doctor of history, Shevchenko Prize winner Sergei Bilokin – giving us a rare edition of his collection;

– ph.D. in economics Anatoly Pyvovar – giving us his works for publication, as well as attracting new authors;

– all our authors who have sent us their work for publication;

Our sincere appreciations belongs to everyone of them.

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