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New story by Marko Vovchok

We publish story "Karmeljuk" (1865).

Meanwhile, the enemies of Karmeljuk did not fall asleep: they say to arm the seekers and investigators, to firing, if it cannot be taken him alive.

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New about Ju. Opilsky

We publish the article "The past is the science of the future" (1989) by M. Ilnytski.

Historical stories of Julian Opilsky contain such a "universal human foundation". They are full of humanistic content that has an indispensable, universal human meaning.

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New short stories by Sidor Vorobkevich

We pubish next three short stories, including "Who is to blame?" (1879).

Stefan recognized her from afar. Catherine! He said not in his own voice, be healthy forever! May God forgive your unfaithfulness and ingratitude!

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New articles by B.-I. Antonych

We publish next 5 articles, including "National Art" (1933).

What is art? Autonomy of art. The purpose of art. Content and form. Borders of art. Every art is constructive. Longing for realism.

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New work by Gregory Kvitka-Osnovjanenko

We publish "Memoirs of Eustratius Myakushkin" (1841).

In our industrial age, literature can bring a penny, so I am the writer, the hottest, incessant, unquenchable. Tomorrow, the dance will be profitable and Im a dancer.

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New book on economics

We begin to publish the monograph Momot O. M., Britchenko I. G. "Integrated banking services and competitiveness of the banking system" (2008). Today section "2. Theoretical Aspects of Implementation of Innovative Integrated Banking Services in Ukraine".

2.1. Theoretical Foundations and Leading Role of Banking Services in the Formation and Functioning of Modern Banking Activities

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New story by Andrei Chajkovsky

We finish publishing story "On the new places" (1924). Today last 12 chapters.

Taras! We have sent a funeral service for you already, we have put a cross in the cemetery. Where have you wandered so much time? You ask too much

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New novel by Bogdan Lepky

We continue publishing the novel "Mazepa" (1926 1929). Today, the next 6 sections of the first part ("Motria"), including "Blossom, flowers!"

And the more she got into peoples feelings, the more she understood them, the more she forgave them. They are people! Did that change cause her severe illness or deep love?

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New about Mykola Khvylovy

We publish S. Gordynskys article "The Poetry of Mykola Khvylovy" (1982).

In the numerous works of Mykola Khvylovy his poetry occupies a rather fragmentary place. His writings in this section are reduced to two early collections published in Kharkiv.

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New translations by M. P. Starycky

We publish translations from N. A. Nekrasov.

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New about Panas Myrny

We piblish letter by Panas Myrny to Ivan Bilyk about the 2nd edition of the novel "Will the Roaring Roars, How Are the Nurseries Full?" (1874).

So, my dear friend, Chipka is finished and lies before me re-read and slightly corrected, I also sketched my notes about each separate section.

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New verses by Ju. Fedkovich

We publish 12 poems of the cycle "From the wreckage" (1866 1868), including "Moon-Prince".

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Annual report

Annual report 2019 is now published.

Annual report of the website Myslene drevo for the 2019 year 2 129 thousands visitors.

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New poem by Juri Klen

We publish poem "Goddamn years" (1937).

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New about Chornobyl disaster

The collection of documents "Chornobyl disaster in the distorting mirror of the Communist press" is now finished. Today posts from 1991 1999.

But all these years, versions of the catastrophe have been wandering among the people, one more fantastic than the other: starting from a nuclear explosion in a reactor and ending with the extrasensory effect of aliens on the brains of a staff on duty.

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New comedy by I. Karpenko-Kary

The comedy "Chumaky (Waggoners}" (1897) is now published.

And not so much that the match is a pity, but from the fact that asking for money. And when he was knocked out, what kind of matchmaker is he to us?.. We are the masters, as we were, and Homa is the beggar! We are not right to be with him.

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New short stories by O. Konyski

We publish three short stories, including "For the tilt" (1899).

If so yes, without taking to the churches ten ruble and fifteen with carrying Marina, having heard such a price, was already numb, stood on her feet a little and did not fall.

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New book on Kyiv

We continue publication of the book "Ancient Kyiv, vol. 2" (1958) by M. K. Karger. Today "The architectural ensemble of the Pechersky monastery."

3. Images of the Assumption Cathedral on engravings of the 17th 17th centuries. / 4. First attempts to study the architecture of the cathedral. / 5. Architectural and archaeological research of the cathedral.

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New article by D. Dontsov

We publish D. Dontsovs article "The weapon against the sons of the father of lies."

The answer to the third question is who, what breed of people will defeat the powers of the "father of lies," is in those words of Christ: not two-minded people will do it.

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New article on history

We publish article "The diary of a conspirator" (2019) by V. Tykhomyrov.

Entries in the diary of Nikolai Petrovich Zimolin by hand in a simple pencil in a neat persons hand cover the period from June 22, 1941 to August 11, 1943 and consist of two parts.

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New folklore recordings by S. Rudansky

We publish appendices to the folklore recordings by S. Rudansky.

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New about Ivan Nechuy-Levitsky

   (1910 .) Photo gallery of I. Nechuy-Levitsky is replenished with 5 photos, including first page of the autograph short story "Love with causes" (1910).

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New book about M. Vrubel

We finish publishing the book "M. A. Vrubel" (1911) by S. P. Jaremych. Today the appendices, including "List of Vrubels works."

1887 / Sketches for Vladimir Cathedral / Tombstone weeping. Triptych with the figures of the Savior and the Mother of God in the middle and with two figures in each of the side parts. Watercolor.

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New story by Boris Grinchenko

We begin to publish the story "Among the Dark Night" (1901). Today Part One. The foreigner".

I was so shamed!.. All our honest people so disgraced!.. Did not regret brother! Wish me the old man, at least!.. My old head covered me with such shame!..

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New fairy tale by Marko Vovchok

We publish fairy tale "Nine brothers and tenth sister Galja" (1863).

Our live are bitter and miserable. What will you do? I swear by the green grove! Are you brothers, comrades? All the brothers agreed and said, "Good!"

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New story by Julian Opilsky

We begin publishing historical story "Ghouls" (1921). Today "1. In the realm of golden freedom".

Whats the court there? smiled Ivashko. There is a claim! "You may, your mercy, protest for wrongdoing," Ivan said. Can not! Ivashko replied. There are two gentry nobles.

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New verses by S. Vorobkevich

We publish 20 verses, written by S. Vorobkevich in 1865, including historical poem "Murashka".

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New about B.-I. Antonych

 , 1934 . In the photo gallery B.-I. Antonych added 5 photos, including cover of the verse collections Three rings (1934).

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New short story by Gregory Kvitka-Osnovjanenko

We publish short story "The evening party" (1836).

The governor himself suggested Yes, he himself invited you to start, and everyone strongly agreed that we will have a great evening, that you should arrange and treat such a master, and they spoke a lot flattering.

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New article on law studies

We publish D. Ovchinnikovs article "General principles of the concept of the rule of law: from ancient times to our days" (2019).

The cornerstones of the rule of law based on the legal concept are the division of power into three separate branches: legislative, executive and judicial.

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