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Athanasius Shpygotsky

Shpygotsky Athanasius G. (July 06 (18), 1809 – Dec 18 (30), 1889) – Ukrainian romantic poet.

His biography is almost unknown. He came from Poltava, from a family of small landowners. From 1826 studies in Kharkov University, where he belonged to the circle of romantic poets led by I. Sreznevsky. In Ukrainian literature came in 1830, published two poems in the magazine "Herald of Europe". Two poems were published in "Ukrainian almanac" (Kharkov, 1831), prepared by a circle, two following – in the "Ladies Journal" (1831). In the future, to 1835, spoke with Russian translations.

He later worked as a proofreader in a printing house of the Moscow University, and since 1843 has been in public service. He served in St. Petersburg in the Foreign Trade Department. Literary activities at this time he completely left, while his project submarine is interesting (March 21, 1856, letter to P. Vyazemsky – Russian State Archive of Literature and Art, fund 195, op. 1, ).

Shpygotsky died in St. Petersburg, is buried in the Mytrofan's cemetery. Portraits of him are unknown.

M. Zh, 14 January 2016