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Yuri Dyachuk

Dyachuk Yuri Ivanovich, a ukrainian, was born August 9, 1954 in Kazatin Vinnytsia region, Ukraine. He is an artist-designer.

Yuri Diaciuk (2015)

Since 1976 lives and works in Moldova. Member of the Union of Moldova folk artists (carving). As a creative person takes part in national and international exhibitions. Since 1980, engaged in literary and journalistic activities. Member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine. Member of the editorial board of the ukrainians of Moldova "Native word."

In 2008 he published his first collection of poems – "I live… – i wonder…", which earned him the title of Laureate Prize. Panteleimon Kulish on X nationwide contest "Ukrainian language – the language of unity" (Odessa, 2009.) . A second miscellany, in Russian – "Come other times", was released in 2009 . And in 2012, saw the light and the third work – historical poem "Veremya" (Word of Hetman I. Mazepa), which also brought the author on the title of Laureate of the thirteenth national contest " Ukrainian language – the language of unity" (Odessa, 2012).

At various times, works of the author published in various periodicals , "Ukrainian palette of Moldova", "Our Generation , "Mother Tongue" (Moldova); "Country Inspiration" (Russia) ; in the journal "Dnipro" (Kiev) ; almanacs "From childhood", "Love 15", «Flute Moldova; periodical "Five Elements" (Ukraine) and others prepared for print fourth collection . It will include poetry, fables and humorous pieces website .

Y.I. Dyachuk – vice president of the National Charitable Foundation Ukrainian professional artists and craftsmen «Renastere» (Revival) in Moldova. He has a son.