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Nicholas Lazorsky

Nicholas Lazorsky – literary pseudonim of Nicholas Panasovich Korkishko (October 27 (November 8) 1884 – 13 March 1970), the Ukrainian writer, journalist and geographer.

He was born in Poltava, graduated from Kharkov University, worked in Poltava museums. In 1920-s he worked in the State Publishing House of Ukraine (Kharkiv).

In 1929 the wicked criminal Russian Bolshevik government arrested him and exiled to Solovki – only for 3 years (such a small term of imprisonment only gave the completely innocent). After release, he returned to Ukraine, lived in Poltava and Kharkiv. During the German occupation he edited the newspaper "Voice of Poltava", and later – the newspaper "Podolyanyn" (in Kamenec-Podolsk).

Before the onset of the Bolshevik "liberators" Korkishko emigrated to Germany, where he started as a writer. In 1950 he moved to Australia, where in 1955, bought a house (which none of the "liberated" by soviets Ukrainian could not afford). He died and was buried in Melbourne.

Lazorsky wrote three historical novels – "Hetman Kyrylo Rozumovsky" (1946 – 1961, publ. 1961), "Patriot" (published in 1969), "Steppe flower" (published in 1965) and a number of popular geographical works. His smaller articles published in 1973 in Melbourne called "Chiaroscuro". This latest book in Ukraine has not been seen. Nobody has any photos of the writer. We will try to find it.

M. Zh, March 5, 2013.