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Sofia Malyljo

Sofia Malyljo – ukrainian poetess who lives in Transcarpathia, in Mukachevo.

From the author [foreword to the book "Hope"]

Dear Reader! In your hands – a book whose poems were long and hard passed for you in the difficult circumstances of life of their author.

I am Sofia Malyljo, the author of this book of poems. I was born December 3, 1926 in the Subcarpathian (Czechoslovak at that time), in the village of Verkhni Vorota (Upper Gate) as the seventh child of peasants Michael and Mary Malyljo.

I received primary education in my native village, secondary education received in the Ukrainian school in Bohemia near Prague. I completed my secondary education in 1945 – 1947 years in Svaljava, returning after the war in Transcarpathia.

In 1947, with "Gold Medal" I entered the Faculty of French of the Lviv State Ivan Franko University.

November 2, 1948, a student of second year, I was arrested and in 1949, without trial, in absentia in Moscow, convicted by Moscow Special meeting to 10 years backbreaking labor camps. I serve a sentence in Kolyma and in the Irkutsk region. In July 1956 I was released from rehabilitation.

In the autumn of 1956 I resumed at the 2nd course of French Studies University of Lviv. With great subjects objectively and on the objectively difficulties, including the expulsion from the university in 1959, I completed studies in 1960. I worked in the specialty schools in rural areas of Zaporozhye (s.Mykolayivka), Transcarpathian (s.Zhdeniyevo), Vinnitsa (s.Chetvertynivka), Cherkassy (p. Moshuriv) and 5 years in Drohobych Pedagogical Institute.

My writing verses truly began at January 19, 1990, ie, on the 64th year of my life. The initial period of its continued intensively, but with interruptions, 4 years: 1990 – 1993.

In 1999 I gave an apartment in Mukachevo. Here's my versification continued sporadically. With the acquisition of my poem published 3 books: "Go and believe" (1994, Uzhgorod), "Resurrection of memory" (1999, Uzhgorod), selected "But it soul – live" (2006, 2007, Lviv).

Mentioned here contributed to my spiritual work spiritual revival.

May God bless our country Ukraine!

Sofia Malyljo

August 3, 2007

In 2008 Sofia Malyljo kindly provided permission to place collection of poetry "Hope" (Lviv: 2008. – 348 p.) to the "Myslene drevo" site. We make her our sincere gratitude. These verses published in ukrainian language.