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Nikolai Markevich

Markevich Nikolai Andreyevich (Jan 26 (Feb 07), 1804 Apr 9 (21), 1860) Ukrainian amateur historian, folklorist, poet, composer.

Jushkevich-Stakhovsky K. F. Portrait N. A. Markevych, 1847

He descended from a famous Hetman noble kind Markevich. The legacy of his father, he was pretty impressive manor (village now Zgurivka district, Kyiv region, 700 serfs). Secondary education he received in the "Noble school" in the Main Pedagogical Institute (St. Petersburg, 1817 1820). In 1820 1824 served in the army; he retired with the rank of lieutenant and settled in Turivka, where he lived until his death.

All works Markevich wrote in Russian. His first poetry published in 1820 by V. A. Zhukovsky. He continued his creative work even after retirement: in 1831 was published a collection of his poems "Ukrainian melodies", in 1840 "Ukrainian folk songs, arranged for piano by Nikolai Markevich". In addition to record the words and music of folk songs, Markevich wrote pieces for piano and singing.

In 1842 1843 was published his major historical work "History of Little Russia (Malorossia)" in five volumes. It was written without the slightest critical attitude to sources. A certain value was the publication of "History Rusov" Markevich included to his work almost full text of it. Russian reviewers criticized it not for the weak methodology, but for attempt to artificially create history of non-existent (in their view) Ukraine.

Markevich collected huge numbers of handwritten materials on the history of Ukraine (approx. 12,000 manuscripts), compiled Ukrainian dictionary (45 thousand words), wrote a diary. All these treasures now kept in the Russian State Library (Moscow), but little known and hardly used.


Kosachevskaya E. M. N. A. Markevich. Leningrad: 1987.

M. Zh., 15 January 2016

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