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European sources 16 – 17 cent.
on the Crimean khanate

Zharkikh M.I.

This is a series of articles of the history of the Crimean khanate. Some sections have already worked out – they have a link from a content, the remaining sections in the process of writing or exists only in the plans (so to speak, as a mentally tree).


1. Nicholas Rozembarski (1498)

2. Proceedings by M. Miechowski [1517] and S. Herbershtein [1549] on Tatars

3. Herbershtein's mile

4. Treatise by Michalon Litvin (1548) as a social utopia and historical source

5. Andrew Taranovsky (1569)

6. "Description of Tataria" by M.Broniewski (1579): observation of sources

Additional paragraphs on M.Broniewski

7. Compilation works by 16 cent.: Blaise de Vigeneur (1573); Alessandro Guangin (1578)

8. Jacques de Luc (1625)

9. Emidio d'Ascoli (1634)

10. Guillaume Levasseur de Beauplan (1650)

11. Compilation works of 17 cent.: Pierre Chevalier (1659) and others.