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Literature / A / Alexander Afanasiev-Chuzhbinsky

Alexander Afanasiev-Chuzhbinsky

Afanasiev Alexander Stepanovich (Feb 28 (Mar 11).1816 6 (18) Sep 1875) Ukrainian and Russian writer and ethnographer. Chuzhbinsky his pen name, was used in the 1838 1851. After a 1853 signed his works as Afanasyev-Chuzhbinsky.

Portrait A. S. Afanasiev-Chuzhbinsky

Born in the village (now Lubny district, Poltava region.) in a family of small landowners, a native Russian. He studied at the Nizhyn gymnasium (1829 1835); in 1836 1843 years he was in the military, rising to lieutenant.

During the service, he began his literary activity, by typing in the 1838 1840 a number of poems in Russian. At the same time he published his Ukrainian poetry (in the anthologies "Swallow" 1841, "Molodyk", 1843).

In 1847 1849 years he was editor of the unofficial "Voronezh Provincial Gazette." Upon his retirement, he engaged in literary work, compiled Ukrainian language dictionary (partially printed in 1855). In 1855, in St. Petersburg was published a collection of his Ukrainian poems, "What was at the heart" (without the signature of the author).

In 1855, at the initiative of the chief of the Russian Navys Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolayevich an expedition was organized to describe the coastal regions of Russia. Afanasiev-Chuzhbinsky took part in it (1856 1859) and published his observations of the books "Sketches of the Dnieper" and "Sketches of the Dniester River" (1861).

Since 1861 Afanasiev-Chuzhbinsky lived in St. Petersburg, published his works in the Ukrainian magazine "Osnova (Basis)", edited various Russian newspapers and magazines, published in St. Petersburg. At the same time its main Russian prose was written and published. He died in St. Petersburg, buried at the Volkov cemetery (at Literatorskie jetty).

M. Zh., Jan 16, 2016.


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