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Mikhail Petrenko

Mikhail Petrenko (1817 – 12/25/1863 (01/06/1863)) – Ukrainian romantic poet.

Born in the town in a family of petty official. In 1837 – 1841 studied at the juridical faculty of Kharkov University. He served in the judicial institutions: in Kharkov (1844 – 1847), Volchansk (1847 – 1849), Lebedyn (1849 – 1862), rising to collegiate assessor (rank 8th grade).

Petrenko's first poetry published in the anthology "Snip" (1841). Among them was poetry "I looked at the sky and thought a think", which became a folk song – the highest award for Ukrainian poet. January 20, 1845 dated dramatic Duma "Najda", first published in 2013. In 1848 A. L. Metlynsky published in the "South Russian collection" selection of Petrenko's poems titled "Thoughts and singing."

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