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Annual report 2012

Statistical data in the report presented on the basis of web server and CMS Smereka statistics. Usage of Google analytics date noted separately.

Site volume

Nodes 8005
Attributes 54508
Data size 63.41 Mb
Files 4074
Files size 1655.88 Mb
Digital sheets 2370.12

[The number of digital sheets] = [number of nodes] / 1000 + [number of attributes] / 10000 + [Total volume of all attributes in bytes] / 40000 + [Total volume of files in MB] / 2.5


Dynamics of attendance by years

Dynamics of attendance site «Myslene…

Dynamics of attendance in the 2012 year

Dynamics of attendance of site…

There are total 889 352 visitors during year

The most successful month of the 2012 year – November

Dynamics of attendance of site…

Traffic sources

Traffic sources for site «Myslene…

According to Google analytics

Distribution of visitors by countries

2.(not set)11.31%
4.United States0.61%

According to Google analytics

10 most requested documents

About site 22168
News 2369
Literature 1989
Education 1968
Science 1840
The Foundations of Radiocarbon Chronology of Cultures between the Vistula and Dnieper: 3150-1850 BC 1817
Publicistics 1686
News 1670
Kupola, vol. 1 (2005) 1664
Beyond Balkanization 1663

10 most requested search expression

розвивайся ти високий дубе5670
леся українка1167
іван франко розвивайся ти високий дубе565
слово о полку ігоревім550
франко розвивайся ти високий дубе488
твори лесі українки352
не пора не пора292
розвивайся ти високий дубе вірш275

After Google analytics, December 2012