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Kupola, vol. 1 (2005)

Churches in Ukraine

The "Kupola" society starts a series of tracks "Churches of Ukraine". We produce souvenirs in our traditional form – a double or triple glazing, which allows to create a surround effect.

Currently produced souvenir tracks:

- Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

- St.Sophia Cathedral

- St. Michael's Cathedral

- St. Andrew's Church

- church of the Nativity

- St. Vladimir cathedral (Hersonissos).

In the near future:

- Church of Presentation of the Virgin

- Vydubitsky Monastery

- St.Vladimir cathedral.

Natalia Budzinskaya Cathedral of the Dormition Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

Alex Kurmaz St. Michael's Golden-domed Cathedral

Irina Beketova St. Andrew's Church

Medal art and numismatics

Theme section is presented in souvenirs of "Kupola" LLC wide enough. In the compositions used coins from antiquity (the northern Black Sea region) and to the present. The company has several thousand casts genuine coins and medals.

In this issue we talk about the medal art associated with the Kiev Rus.

The section describes the historical and portrait series of medals, conceived by Empress Catherine II.

Portrait series was continued and brought to the Emperor Alexander III (1881-1894).

Historical series ended the reign of Yaropolk and consist of 94 medals.

Portrait series. Great Princes of Kiev

Historical Series. Medals of the Rurik's reign

Ukrainian Hetmans

The "Kupola" Society are produced memorable compositions with portraits of urrainian hetmans.

Natalia Budzinskaya Dmitry Vyshnevetskii

Victoria Velichko Peter Konashevich-Sagaidachny

Natalia Budzinskaya Bogdan Khmelnytsky

Victoria Velichko Ivan Vygovskiy

Natalia Chalenko Paul Teteria

Administrative officies of Cossack Ukraine

Decorative art

Victoria Golovchenko The relief of "Archangel Michael"

Vladimir Rychka Relief "Vladimir the Great"

Book art

The "Kupola" Society issued reprints of historical editions 1800-1917 years in semi-leather or luxurious bindings

Publications on the history of Kiev:

• Zakrevsky N. Description of Kiev. In 2 vols. SPb., 1868.

• Zakharchenko M. Kiev now and before. K., 1888.

• Fundukley I. Review of Kiev in respect to antiquities. K., 1847.

• Fundukley I. Review of graves, ramparts and mounds of Kiev province. K., 1848.

• Fundukley I. Statistical description of the Kiev province. In 3 parts. SPb., 1852.

• Kamanin I. Zverynets Caves in Kiev. K., 1914.

• Collection of materials for the historical topography of Kiev and its environs. K., 1874.

• Golubev C. Several pages from the recent history of the Kiev Theological Academy. K., 1907.

• Golubev C. History of the Kiev Theological Academy. Period domogilyansky. K., 1886.

• Askochensky V. Kiev with his oldest School Academy. In 2 parts. K., 1858.

• Golubev S. Petr Mogila, Metropolitan of Kiev and his associates. In 2 vols. K., 1883.

• Pohilevich L. Tales of the inhabited areas of the Kiev province. K., 1864.

Archival materials:

• Archive of south-western Russia. K., 1859-1904. – 35 volumes.

• Records and documents relating to the history of the Kiev Academy. At 5 and volumes. K., 1904-1908.

• Records and documents relating to the history of the Kiev Academy. At 5 and volumes. K., 1910-1915.

• Records and documents relating to the history of south-western Russia. SPb., 1863-1892. – 15 volumes.

• Records and documents relating to the history of Western Russia. SPb., 1846-1853. – 5 volumes.

• Code of Laws of the Russian Empire. 1910-1914. – 16 volumes. – 6 bindings.

• Complete Collection of the Laws of the Russian Empire from 1649 to 12 December 1825. First collection. SPb., 1830. – 42 volumes.

• Archives of the State Council. SPb., 1869-1901. – 12 volumes.


• "Kievskaya starina" magazine. K., 1882-1906. – Complete set (312 rooms).

• Journal "Readings in the Historical Society of Nestor the Chronicler". K., 1869-1914. – Full set (24 issues).

• "Osnova" magazine. SPb., 1861-1862.

Kutepov N.I. "The hunting of great princes, tsars and emperors in Russia"

Sergei Sokolov Historical miniatures by Vitaly Kovalinski


The "Kupola" Society issued the compositions that are rooted in banknotes of different periods of national history, including banknotes of the Ukrainian National Republic and Ukrainian cities 1917-1918.

Dmitry Kharitonov 1000 karbovanets of the Ukrainian State (1918)


The "Kupola" Society makes collages using postcards of the late XIX – early XX centuries, with views of Kiev and other Ukrainian cities. Compositions are made up of coins and medals of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and Ukraine, reflecting the following topics:

- ukrainian Orthodox churches and monuments of Christianity;

- sovereign Ukraine;

- hetmana and leaders of the national liberation movement;

- cities of Ukraine;

- culture and art of Ukraine.

Vitaly Kovalinski Greetings from Kyiv

Extracts from "Kievskaya starina"

Alexej Merder Kiev Magistrates guns

Hetman's prescription cough

Leopardov's collection in Kiev Church Archeological Museum

In museums of Ukraine

Alex Kurmaz, Raisa Yausheva-Omelyanchik Commemorative Medal of Poland XVII Century in the Collection of the Museum of History of Kyiv

Museum of the City of Kiev and its exposition

Antique Center

Shop on St. Andrew


Hetman's Feathers

Visiting Behemoth