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News 2010

The most important in this year

2.03.2010 The new "Myslene drevo" CD

Next disc in the series "Ukraine in 13 – 18 centuries" devoted to ukrainian culture.

Ukraine has a rich and varied cultural tradition that evolved on the basis of a powerful culture of Kievan Rus. Always open to external influences, it is always absorb those elements of neighboring cultures that meet the spirit of the people. Since the mid 17 century, with the winning national independence, these effects were synthesized in a powerful and peculiar phenomenon of the Ukrainian Baroque style, which in turn made a great positive impact on neighbors.

Guide provides a comprehensive annotated bibliography of events and figures of Ukrainian culture, including fine art, iconography, sculpture, applied arts, music culture, the history of the brotherhood movement, education and science in Ukraine. It contains 9441 document, 135.34 author leafs of text.

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2.02.2010 The new "Myslene drevo" CD

New DVD disc (1.5 GB total) is devoted to Ukrainian club "Spadscyna (Heritage)".

Ukrainian club "Spadscyna" was created in Kiev by a group of scholars at the end of 1987. It played a significant role in the revolutionary events of 1988 – 1991 years, resulting in the Ukraine gained independence.

The DVD contains the memories of club members, club documents (including all of its publications), documents of the Kiev regional organization of the People's Movement, an collection of informal press in Ukraine.

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4.01.2010 The new "Myslene drevo" CD

Next disc in the series "Ukraine in 13 – 18 centuries" devoted to Slobozhanschina.

Slobozhanschyna – historical territory, which covers part of Kharkiv and Sumy region of Ukraine, part of the Voronezh region of Russia. It was settled during the Ukrainian National Revolution of the mid 17 century, led by Bohdan Khmelnytsky. Then in the Ukraine found strength not only to form a 60 thousandth army, not just happened to drive by their landlords and Bug, not only cover the land fortresses and adjust the amazing wooden churches – but still found the strength to expand its ethnic territory by little inhabited land the southern border of Muscovy. There have regimental city Ochtyrka, Izjum, Sumy, Kharkiv, Ostrogozhsk, where he lived and worked Gregory Skovoroda, there appeared first in Ukraine University in Kharkov.

Guide provides a comprehensive annotated bibliography of the lands of the former Slobozhanshchina. It contains 1693 documents, 16 author leafs of text.

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