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Science / Archeology / Baltic-Pontic Studies / Beyond Balkanization

Baltic-Pontic Studies

Beyond Balkanization

Collection. Poznan, 1998 (B-P S, vol. 5) ISBN 83-86094-04-4; ISSN 1231-0344.

1. Ken Jacobs, Lucyna Domanska Beyond Balkanization an outline program for a discussion. . 9-12.

2. Pavel M. Dolukhanov The Neolithic with a human face or Dividing Lines in Neolithic Europe? . 13-23.

3. Richardd W. Lindstrom History and Politics in the development Etnogenetic Models in Soviet Antropology. . 24-33.

4. Philip L. Kohl National Identity and the use of the Remote Past in the Caucasus. . 34-43.

5. Vladimir I. Timofeev The East-West Relations in the Late Mesolithic and Neolithic in the Baltic Region. . 44-58.

6. Ilze Loze The Adoption of Agriculture in the Area of present-day Latvia (The Lake Lubana Basin). . 59-84.

7. Dmitriy Telegin Mesolithic Cultural-Etnographic Entities in the Southern Ukraine: Genesis and Role in neolithization of the Rigion. . 85-101.

8. Dmitriy Nuzhnyi The Ukrainian Steppe as a Region of intercultural Contacts between Atlantic and Mediterranean Zones of European Mesolithic. . 102-119.

9. Leonid Zaliznyak The Late Mesolithic Subbase of the Ukrainian Neolithic. . 120-145.

10. Aleksander A. Yanevich The Neolithic of the Mountainous Crimea. . 146-159.

11. Nadezhda S. Kotova The Role of Eastern Impulse in development of the Neolithic Cultures of Ukraine. . 160-194.

12. Alice Marie Haeussler Ukraine Mesolithic Cemeteries: Antropological Analysis. . 195-225.

13. Inna D. Potekhina South-Eastern Influences on the Formation of the Mesolithic to Early Eneolithic Populations of the North Pontic Region: The Evidence from Anthropology. . 226-231.

14. Leiu Heapost Genetic Heterogeneity of Finno-Ugrians (on the Basis of Estonian Modern and Archaeological material). . 232-247.

15. Valeriy I. Khartanovich New Craniological Material on the Saami from the Kola peninsula. . 248-261.

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