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List of vascular plants flora of the Dnieper Islands and floodplain tracts in Kyiv city

Parnikoza I.

1. Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Acad. Zabolotnogo 150, Kyiv, 03143, Ukraine ,

2. National Historical and Architectural Museum “Kyiv Fortress”, Hospitalna, 24a, Kyiv, 01133, Ukraine,

During 2010-2013 we examined the Dnieper islands and the former floodplain tracts for the purpose of the primary inventory of flora of vascular plants. Plants were collected and determined, on the basis of which the list of flora was compiled taking into account the following territories:

Great Northern Island (Vel.Pivnich.o.), Valkovsky Island (Valkov.o), Birds Island (Ptash.o) Lopukhovaty Island (Lopuch.o), Muromets Island (Murom.o), Trukhaniv Island (Trukh.o), Dolobecky Island (Dolob.o), Gorbachycha Tract (Gorb.t), Veneciansky Island (Venec.o), Great Southern Island (Vel.Pivd.o), the Pokal tract- Galerny Island area (Pokal-Galern.t), Zhukiv Island (Zhukiv.o), Osokorky meadows (Osokork.M.t), Kozachy Island (Kozach.o), Promizny Island (Promizn.o), Olgin Island (Olzyn.o), Dyky Island (Dyky.o.), Pokal Island (Pokal.o), Koncha-Ozerna tract, Obukhiv district (Konch-Ozer.), Bay and the Tract Berkovshina (Berkov.t), Zhandarka (Bile) Lake former Pozniaky village (Zhandar.t), Zapisocha (southern) tract (Zap.Pivd.t), Zapisocha (northern) tract (Zap.Pivn.t), Troeshchina floodplain (from Zapisocha to Pogrebskaya Starukha and Kelijky tract (Troesh.t1), The Sobache Girlo Bay and its Spit (Sob.Gyrl.t), the Obolon Bay coast and the base of the spit (without the spit itself) (Obolon, Zat.t), the area near lakes Prirva and Goryachka (Prirv.Gorach.t), Obolonsky Island (Obolon.o), Mizmostny Island (Migm.o), Krajny Island (Krainy.o), Kelijki-Dibrava-lake Vigurivske Seredne (Troesh.t2), Island of Spit of Obolon Bay (Zel.o), the Bychok Tract (Bychok.t), Natalka Tract and with the floodplain forest under the supports of the Northern Bridge (Natalka.t), the Vovkuvata Bay (Vovkuv.t), Obolon's floodplane to the south of the Verblud bay (Verblud.S.t.), the area of Lake Redkino (Redkin.t), the Obolon floodplane to the north of the Verblud bay to Lake Lukove (Verblud.Nt), the northern margin of the Obolon floodplain in the DVS (now destroyed ) (DWS.t), lake Bile, Obolon (Bile.Ob.t), lake Down Telbin (D. Telbin), lake Almazne(Almaz.o), lake Radunka (Radun.o), lake Verbne (Verbne.o), lake Vyrlitsa (Vyrlitsa.o), lake Rusanivske (Rusan o.), lake Sribny Kil (Sribn.Kil.l.), lake Pozniakivske (Pozniak.l.), lake Lebedyne (Lebed.l.), lake Minske (Minsk.l.), lake Lugove (Lug.l.), lake Male (Male.l.), lake Andriivske (Andr.l.), lake Iordanske (Iordan.l.), lake Kyrylovske (Kyryl.l.), Dnieper Bay (Dnepr.zat.), Vydubitske Lake (Vydubic.l.), Satellite Island (Sat.o.), Maly North Island (Mal.Pivn.o.), Maly South Island (Mal.Pvd.o.) , Maly Western Island (Mal.Zah.o.).

Accordingly, in our list, we use the abbreviations introduced here for the name of each territory. The list of flora of vascular plants of the Kyiv floodplain of the Dnieper is based on the list, which is given in the work: Cukanova G.O. Floristic and coenotic diversity of the Dnipro islands within the city of Kiev and its protection: Dis…. Cand. biology Sciences: 03.00.05 M.G. Kholodny Institute of Botany of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. – K., 2005. – 162 p. If necessary, this list was expanded and supplemented in accordance with our findings or literature data:

Дідух Я. П., Альошкіна У.М. Біотопи міста Києва. – К.: НаУКМА, Аграр Медіа-Груп, 2012 – 163 с.

Савицький О.Л., Зуб Л. М. Рослинність водойм м. Києва // Укр. ботан. журн., 1999 – Т. 56 (3). – С. 266-275 (Savitsky, Zub, 1999).

Оляницька Л. Г., Багацька Т.С. Сучасні фітокомплекси і угруповання рослин водойм м. Києва // В кн. Екологічний стан водойм м. Києва, Ред. Кундієв В.А. – К.: Фітосоціоцентр. 2005. – С. 49-55 (Olanicka, Bagacka, 2005)

The data about allien plants spread in Kyiv from following publications used:

Мосякін С.Л. Територіальні закономірності експансії адвентивних рослин в урбанізованому середовищі (на прикладі м. Києва) // Український ботанічний журнал. ­ 1996. ­ Т. 53, №5. – С. 536-545 (Mosiakin, 1996)- according to article species presents for such zones: Podil grane storages zone (Podil-Zern), Podil, Petrivka railway station zone (Podil- Petrivka), Podil river port zone – (Podil-Port), Dnipro-floodplane zone (Dnipfl).

Мосякін С.Л., Яворська О.Г. Нові знахідки адвентивних рослин у флорі Київської міської агломерації // Український ботанічний журнал. ­ 2001. ­ Т. 58, №4. – С. 493-497 (Mosiakin, Yavorska, 2001).

Investigation of the flora of the floodplain of the Dnieper in Kyiv is not worth the place. In this regard, we provided for the possibility of adding it. At the same time for the findings made later 2010-13. the year and the author of the find will be indicated.

The "-" symbol near species latin name means that in the lists of flora, which was taken as the basis of the list this species was given, but we (or in literature) in a particular place it didn`t find.

When using the data of this electronic publication, please provide reference.

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