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Ulas Samchuk

Ulas Samchuk Photo of 1942..43

Ulas Samchuk.

Ulas A. Samchuk (7 (20) February 1905, village Derman, Zdolbuniv district, Rivne Oblast July 9, 1987, Toronto) Ukrainian writer.

He was born in a family of farmers, learned in elementary school in Derman (1917 1920 years), the Ukrainian Gymnasium in Kremenets (1921 1925 years). Called to the Polish army, he escaped in 1927 from it to Germany (1927 1929), then moved to Prague (1929 1941). In Prague, he becomes the ranks of the Organisation of Ukrainian nattionalists, deals with issues of culture.

In 1941, as part of the group of OUN Samchuk back to a Rivne where he became editor of "Volyn" newspaper. At that time, German authorities arrested him (20.03 04.20.1942) on charges of too independent tone of his newspaper. (So the way Ukrainian nationalists "cooperated" with Hitlerists!)

In November 1943, fleeing before the advance of the Soviet "liberators", Samchuk moved to Lviv, and then to Germany (1944 1948). In 1948 as a displaced person (DP), he received permission to move to Canada. In Toronto he lived the rest of his life.

Creative way of Samchuk-writer began quite early his first story was published in 1926. The publication of the novel trilogy "Volyn" (1932 1937 years) earned him a well-deserved honor. Great prose novels became the main genre of his work. In 1946 1948 years Samchuk headed "Artistic Ukrainian Movement" (MUR) the organization of Ukrainian writers in exile. Work on the second trilogy "Ost" stretching from 1945 to 1982. In addition to novels, Samchuk published several books of memoirs, leaving a large, yet unexplored epistolary heritage. In 1980, his candidacy was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature, which he, however, did not received. In Soviet Ukraine his name was under a double ban as an emigrant, refugee from the Soviet paradise, and as a Ukrainian (nationalist).

Only in independent Ukraine started to publish his works. In city Rivne builded monument of Ulas Samchuk, in villages Derman and Tylyavka works Memorial Museum of writer.

M. Zh., November 24, 2013

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