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The tale of Igor's campaign

"The tale of Igor's campaign" a prominent old-russian poem dedicated to the war against Kumans in 1185. It conserved in a single manuscript, which was discovered in the late 18 century and first published in 1800. This manuscript was burned in fire accidents in Moscow in 1812.

"The tale of Igor's campaign" is translated into many languages of the world. The poem was rightfully belongs to the heritage of world literature. Each Slavic literature boasts several translations of the tale, some of which we offer.

"The tale of Igor's campaign" was the subject of thorough research of historians, linguists, literary critics, art historians, philosophers and scientists of other disciplines. Their works created an entire library. We offer several review articles that will help you navigate in this mass of literature.


Old Rus text as published in 1800



Translation by Yanka Kupala


Translation into modern Russian

Translation by V. Zhukovsky

Translation by N. Rylenkov


Translation by Maxim Rylsky


The following three review articles from the "Dictionary of book-learning and bookmans of the ancient Rus".

Author of "The tale of Igor's campaign"


"The tale of Igor's campaign"

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. Kyiv: 1967. 524 pp. [Old Rus text and a large series of Ukrainian translation]

Yatsenko B. . Kyiv: 2000.

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