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Laboratory experiment in telecommunications


(Educational experience in virtualization software environment VEE)

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This methodological document, prepared in 2009, covers the years of work experience Interdepartmental computer complex (ICC) of the Odessa National telecommunication academy. This experience covers a series of educational documents and software virtual laboratory practical (VLP).

All programs consist of virtual models in an interactive graphical programming environment, Agilent VEE. The document provides omly a user front panels.

Sphere of application – lectures, practical and laboratory classes, course and diploma design, students or graduate students researches, postgraduate training, distance learning mode OffLine.

Editor M.L.Desenko.


Information technology for Virtual-Reality (VR)

Distance Learning

Front panel virtual laboratory workshop on the subject "Digital circuit engineering"

Information systems in the standard IEC 625

Front panel simulations show experiments with transmission and processing of measuring information


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