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Science / Bibliography / Theses on the history of Ukraine

Theses on the history of Ukraine

Berkovsky Vladislav

This bibliography created in 2003 2004 by Vladislav Berkovsky. He kindly agreed to provide it for publication on the "Myslene drevo" site not linking this post with the publication of the paper version. So far this list is only available on our website.

05/09/2004 M.Zharkikh.


Section 1. Archeology

Section 2. Problems of ethnography, ethnology and culture of Ukraine

Section 3. History of Ukraine

3.1. From ancient times to the mid XV century.

3.2. Lithuanian-Polish epoch (late XV 1648)

3.3. The period from 1648 to 1795 in Ukraine's history

3.4. Ukrainian lands under the empire rule (1795-1917)

3.5. Liberation struggle 1917 1922.

3.6. Ukraine in the interwar period

3.7. History of the Communist Party

3.8. Ukraine in the Second World War

3.9. Soviet Ukraine after World War II

3.10. Independent Ukraine

Section 4. History of religions and churches

Section 5. Studies of the sources to history of Ukraine

5.1. From ancient times to the mid XV century.

5.2. Lithuanian-Polish epoch (late XV to 1795)

5.3. The period from 1793 to 1917.

5.4. Ukraine in the twentieth century.

Section 6. Auxiliary historical sciences

6.1. Historiography

6.2. Personalia

6.3. Museum studies, regional studies, monuments

6.4. Libraries and ukrainian historical bibliography

6.5. Heraldry, genealogy, sigillography

6.6. Metrology and numismatics

6.7. History of books, filigranology, codicology

6.8. History of science and technology

6.9. History of education in Ukraine

6.10. Other auxiliary historical disciplines

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