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Science / Heritage / Wooden and stone churches

Wooden and stone churches

Pavlutsky G.G.

Description of book publishing: каменные храмы. Профессора Университета Св. Владимира Г. Г. Павлуцкого. – Древности Украины, вып. I. – Киев : Издание Императорского Московского Археологического общества. Тип. С. В. Кульженко. Пушкинская ул., соб. дом, N° 4-й, 1905 г. – 124 с.

Published by the definition of the Drafting Committee of Moscow Archaeological Society on the basis of § 56 of its Statute.

Chairman Countess Uvarov.



Ancient wooden church architecture in South-western region

The old Church of the Assumption in Jaryshiv, Mogilev county

Medvedivka st.Nicholas monastery, Chygyryn county

Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin in Hodoriv, Kaniv county

Church-castle in Sutkivtsi, Letychiv county

Old Cathedral Church of St. George in Tarashcha

St. Michael's Church in Chemerysy Volosky, Mogilev county

Churches in Zinkiv, Letychiv county

Church of the Assumption in Dashkivtsi, Ushytsja county

Vvedenskaya church in Trypillja, Kiev county

Wooden churches in Vinnitsa

Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin in Pryvitiv, Novograd-volynsky county

Church of Sts. Archangel Michael in Pechanivka, Novograd-volynsky county

Church of the Nativity of the Virgin in Kamin, Novograd-volynsky county

Wooden churches in the Chudniv, Zhitomir county

Wooden churches in Polonne, Novograd-volynsky county

The old churches in Synjava, Vasylkiv county

St.Elias church in Subotiv, Chygyryn county

Motroninsky monastery, Chygyryn county


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