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1st quarter 2017

30 Mar 2017 New article on philosophy

We publish article V. I. Melnikov "On the definition philosophy" (2017).

Philosophy – a set of the most common human rational knowledge about the world as a unified whole, aimed at systematizing and summarizing less common areas of expertise.

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28 Mar 2017 New about I. Korsak

Published an article by M. Kucherepa "When the main character – intelligence" (2017).

I think writers for a special theme – figures on the board of cultures. Ivan Korsak very carefully develops this difficult subject.

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26 Mar 2017 New book on Kyiv

We continue publication of the book "Ancient Kyiv, vol. 1" (1958) by M. K. Karger. Today – "Conclusions".

1 1. Founds of the 1st thousand n. e. / 2. The oldest settlement 9 cent. / 3. Necropolis 9 – 10 centuries. / 4. Strengthening the late 10 – 11 centuries. / 5. The prince and knights yards / 6. Ordinary houses / 7. Craft workshops.

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24 Mar 2017 New translation by Stepan Rudansky

We publish translation od "Homer Iliad."

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22 Mar 2017 New about Ivan Nechuy-Levitsky

Портрет, 1860-і рр.

Photo gallery of I. Nechuy-Levitsky is replenished with 5 photos, in particular, portrait of 1860-s.

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20 Mar 2017 New about diplomacy UPR

We begin to publish a collection of documents "Archive Ukrainian People’s Republic. Ministry of International Affairs. Diplomatic documents from Versailles to the Riga peace treaties (1919-1921)" (2017). Today – "Overview of the current international situation Ukrainian People’s Republic and foreign policy of the government" (Mar 11, 1921).

Ukrainian-Polish relations / Ukrainian-Romanian relations / Marginal states / Russia Relations / Union of Peoples / Entente States

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18 Mar 2017 New about Marko Vovchok

The article O. Dej "Folklore recordings by Athanasius Markovic and Marko Vovchok" (1983) now published.

Folklore records by marriage Markovic – those poetic treasures of working people, which addressed writer to extract from them the magical beauty and give people a new quality.

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16 Mar 2017 New work by A. Kaschenko

We finish publishing "The story of the glorious Zaporozhian Host" (1917). Today – "7. The search of the lost will (1776 – 1828 years). "

The fate of the Zaporozhye Cossacks and land / On the Danube / Black Sea and Danube cossacks / Zaporozhye between the Bug and Dniester / Trouble of Kuban land / Moving Black Sea cossacks to the Kuban

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14 Mar 2017 New work by Ivan Korsak

We puclis collection of essays "Your names, Ukraine" (2007). Today – last 15 essays, including "Unbearable Ramon’s riddle."

Ramon Hnatyshyn stood on the podium Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and while declared his speech and applause rang room, remembered the family tradition of the early years of his grandfather lives in Canada.

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12 Mar 2017 New verses by Dniprova Chajka

We publish next 20 verses by Dniprova Chajka.

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10 Mar 2017 New article on history of culture

The article "On the origin story of folk painting "Cossack-bandurist" (2017) by T. Gedz is now published.

Formulated a version about creation the first scene of "Cossack-bandurist" based on a certain kind of scenes Dutch painting early XVII century.

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8 Mar 2017 New about electronic magazines

We publish thesis P. Salyha "Transforming of the network electronic journals as a phenomenon of mass communication." Today – "3. The transformation of the content and form of network electronic journals."

3.1. Main factors of transformation network electronic journals / 3.2. Features of the publishing network electronic magazines

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6 Mar 2017 New article on culturology

We publish article Vladidmir Banjas "Son of Fire."

The core of my thesis was the intention to prove that Nerval’s prose is veiled autobiography, and poetry – an attempt to create something like a new religion.

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4 Mar 2017 New articles by Mykola Khvylovy

The суcle "Sociological equivalent" of three critical reviews" (1927) now published.

Will of logic V. Koryak long played the role, so to speak, the commander at this sector of cultural front. And it is not accidentally he named one of his books – "The organization of the October literature."

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2 Mar 2017 New article on philosophy

The article "The information revolution and knowledge of the future" (2017) by D. Ovchynnykov now published.

Place of raw material and other resources is now occupied information. Those who can properly dispose of it, will take a leading role in world politics and economics.

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28 Feb 2017 New work by Dmytro Dontsov

We publish book "For what revolution?" (1957).

The revolution, which we speak – should be total, it has to happen in the area of spirit, religious, cultural, political and social, to demolish all the slime of slavery in the Ukraine.

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26 Feb 2017 New verses by B.-I. Antonych

We publish first 15 verses from collection «Great harmony» (1932).

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24 Feb 2017 New works by G. Kvitka-Osnovjanenko

We publish next 10 works on various themes, including letter to publishers of "Russian Herald" <1842).

I started, continued and will continue to write, as I have, way I like, that idea comes. Fame, praise did not seek and do not care to buy them; conviction on deaf ears.

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22 Feb 2017 New monograph on Kyiv

Viburnum opulus (Photo Ślęzak A.)

Photo gallery of vegetation Kyiv islands and coastal tracts on the Dnipro is replenished with 20 photos.

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20 Feb 2017 New novel by Mykhajlo Starycky

We continue publishing historical novel by Mikhail Staritsky and Ljudmila Starytska-Chernjakhivska «Bogdan Khmelnycky» (1894 – 1897). Today – next 10 chapters, including "20. The death of Peter Mogyla".

We must do it, uncle! – Hannah broke and spoke warm, agitated voice: – How can we enjoy the of our rights and privileges, when everything groaning in captivity?

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18 Feb 2017 New poem by A. Mogylnycky

We publish a poem Anton Mogylnycky "Maniava hermitage" (1852). Today – the first 19 chapters.

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16 Feb 2017 New short stories by M. Ustyanovich

We publish first 4 short stories by M. Ustyanovich, including "Night on Berzhava" (1852).

Master! go to sleep; the two robbers trembles more we fear, hearing this on their voice! – quietly answered Ivan and began fasten back stirrup.

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14 Feb 2017 New novel by N. Kostomarov

We begin publishing novel "Kudejar" (1874) by N. Kostomarov. Today – "First book."

I. Guests / II. Simpleton / III. Queen / IV. The Tsar’s Fun / V. Crimean captives / VI. Child / VII. Cossack dad / VIII. The royal mercy / IX. Landlord

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12 Feb 2017 New guide

We continue publishing guide L. M. Shestopalova "Theory of law and state" (2011). Today – continuation of chapter "3. The theory of law", including section "Basic families and legal system."

General concepts / Romano-German legal family / English legal family / Islamic Law / Traditional legal family

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10 Feb 2017 New guide on maps

We continue to publish guide "Maps and plans of source studios Lydia Ponomarenko" (2012). Today – second part of the section "Russian State Historical Archive".

Plans provincial gymnasium with services in the city Poltava.

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8 Feb 2017 New novel by A. Svydnytsky

We publish second part of the novel "Ljuboracki" (1861 – 1862).

1. Anton entering the seminary / 2. First Christmas in seminary / 3. Anton love with Galya / 4. Anton caught smoking / 5. Wedding Masja

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6 Feb 2017 New monograph on history

We begin publishing the monograph by V. Pylypenko "Confront the face of enemy" (2014). Today – first 7 chapters, including "2. Gentry and pospolite ruszenie."

Criticism of pospolite ruszenie as a means of national defense and army formation has become familiar to political journalism in Commonwealth.

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4 Feb 2017 New stories by Juri Fedkovich

We publish first 9 stories by Juri Fedkovich, including "Fraternizer" (1865).

Runs and he is stand near table and fills shotgun. – Hello, Brother!!! Where is my sister, where my mammy?!! He came to a standstill and no steam of lips.

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2 Feb 2017 New articles on history

We begin to publish a collection of articles "Ukraine between Poland and Russia" (2016). Today – the first 10 articles, including article D. Kazimirov "Hetmanate Census 1666 as part of Moscow’s expansion".

Transition Ukrainian cities and taxes under the jurisdiction of the Moscow governor meant control by Moscow over the territory Hetmanate.

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30 Jan 2017 New about Chornobyl disaster

The collection of documents "Chornobyl disaster in the distorting mirror of the Communist press" is now continued. Today – posts from 1 to 9 May 1987.

At the stage of promotion of the film to the screen, we experienced some difficulties and understand that people have different attitudes to the concept of transparency.

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28 Jan 2017 New work by Ivan Korsak

We publish fragments from the new novel "In crossways fate" (2017).

At the forefront of these fragments – the fate of Fedor Bogatyrchuk, doctor-radiologist, a native of Kyiv, extraordinary chess player, who won most of Botvinnik.

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24 Jan 2017 New article on the history of culture

The article "Is really doll?" (2016) by N. Shevshenko is published.

In magical rituals, which is the production of dolls, there are no details, everything has a value, for example, even the direction of the needle, you stuck in the fabric.

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22 Jan 2017 New atricle on literature

The article D. Ovchinnikov "Transformation of the functions of art in the modern world" (2017) now published.

Today the art reduced to entertainment and emotional discharge of a man who in daily life is experiencing very strong emotional overload.

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20 Jan 2017 New article on culture history

The article by S. Shakula "N. Mordjukova and V. Dvorzhetskyy in the movie "There is no way back" (2016) now published.

In any of his movies V. Dvorzhetsky did not showed beauty his ideal body – is explained as orientation films in which he starred, and the nature of the actor.

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18 Jan 2017 New novel by Ulas Samchuk

We continue publishing the trilogy "Volyn" (1927 – 1937 years.). Today – the last 8 chapters of the novel "War and revolution."

No. He hears still the laughter, the contemptuous angry look. In-in-in, thou squint-eyed animals! Wait. Between us there is no equality! And you and I – we will stand still and will then last fight.

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16 Jan 2017 New about Ivan Karpenko-Kary

The article "I. Karpenko-Kary and his works" (1960) by L. F. Stecenko now published.

His best plays are imbued with a deep compassion for the oppressed working masses, inextinguishable hatre to exploiters, ardent love for the motherland.

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14 Jan 2017 New novel by Daniel Mordovtsev

We start publishing a novel by D. L. Mordovtsev "For a global dominion". Today – the first 10 chapters, including "10. The story of the ancient Amazons. "

When Amazons saw the young Scythians did not come to attack them, as it were, to curry their favor, the nature has prevailed.

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12 Jan 2017 New novel by Eugene Grebinka

We publish novel "The adventures of the blue banknote" by E. Grebinka (1847).

By bringing us a few hundred, the German put in a package together with a letter and mailed to the Jew Shmuel, somewhere far away. The letter was written to thank Shmuel for a good product.

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10 Jan 2017 New book on Kyiv

Табл. XCIX. Золотые, серебряные и…

We continue publication of the book "Ancient Kyiv, vol. 1" (1958) by M. K. Karger. Today – the last 20 tables.

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8 Jan 2017 New folklore recordings by S. Rudansky

We publish first 11 love songs, including "Come, girl, go, girl."

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6 Jan 2017 New about Ivan Nechuy-Levitsky

The article "Open book of life" (1965) by N. E. Krutikova is now published.

Ivan S. Levitsky (Nechuy) – a classic of Ukrainian literature, one of the greatest realists XIX century.

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4 Jan 2017 Annual report published

Annual report of the website «Myslene drevo» for the 2016 year is published – 1 844 thousands visitors.

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2 Jan 2017 New stories by Marko Vovchok

We publish next 9 stories by Marko Vovchok, including "Maxim Hrymach" (1857).

What will do, my favorite Katra! we must wait! I am for the third year in my master, the last. As fate serve, then these year will be large prey. Ataman did not hurt me: he is respected man…

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