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Annual Report 2003

General Report

Report on the Studies section

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General Report

Reporting period

The site was started 7.12.2002, from 13.01.2003 it switched to a permanent mode of operation. Due to limited time of the site using in 2002, we present our report for the period 7.12.2002 – 31.12.2003.

Site size

Date Number of Files volume, MB
7/12/2002 105 6.5
1.06.2003 454 11
31/12/2003 790 23

Site visits

The root page of the site was visited by 2705 readers (as shows the counter at the root page). Average it makes 7 visits per day.

The total visits count was 27 142, or almost 10 times more (visit we consider a series of document requests from the same IP-address during a calendar day). Average it is 69.7 visits per day. This ratio means that the majority of readers fall directly to the requested documents, avoiding the root page of the site.

Site visited by 13 226 hosts (unique IP-addresses). The site was visited 13,226 hosts (unique IP-addresses). The most active of our reader was a search engine ": it requested 3467 files. We have 163 regular readers – each of them request more than 100 files.

Site process 188 thousand files requests, or 483 files per day. This resulted in a total volume of 2585 MB of transferred data, or 6.5 MB per day.

Site availability

The site of all time worked in a mode 24 hours / 7 days a week. Throughout the period we don't seen a case of unavailability, and not have heard of such unavailability of other readers. For a quality hosting special thanks to a company ", which provides hosting our site.

Site dynamics

General Site dynamics (monthly data…

General Site dynamics (monthly data for the entire period)

This chart shows four great periods of life by: preparing to start (December 2002 – January 2003), runway (February – August 2003) and lead climb (September – October 2003) transition in horizontal mode flight (November – December 2003).

Daily data for December 2003

Daily data for December 2003

Daily data varied within 150 – 250 visits per day until December 25, when Ukraine is annually observed massive inflow population in hibernation.

Percentage of different groups of files

Percentage of different groups of files in the total mass of the requested files

Here we see that the main part (83%) give the general purpose files together with Studio.

Percentage of volume

Percentage of different groups of files in total volume of transferred data

Otherwise there is a picture of traffic: the three files for download have a quarter of the total volume, and smaller files for general purpose – only 8%.

Where readers coming from

This section is formed according to the server HotLog statistics for September – December 2003

Website Source Number Conversion Average daily % 2468 23.73 24.80% 2068 19.88 20.78% 1984 19.08 19.94% 692 6.65 6.95% 282 2.71 2.83% 269 2.59 2.70% 237 2.28 2.38% 227 2.18 2.28% 150 1.44 1.51% 137 1.32 1.38%

Thus, the total mass conversion to our site to search engines owned by Russian 50.79%, U.S. – 29.17%, and Ukrainian – only 2.89%. Thus, the Ukrainian search engines themselves are not popular and cannot add significantly to popularity of site. Critical for promoting the Ukrainian site has a registration for the Russian and American search engines.

Otherwise, looks like the geography of our visitors, if you look at the countries from which they come.

Country Visits Average daily %
Ukraine 6810 65.48 67.84%
Russia 1655 15.91 16.49%
Poland 280 2.69 2.79%
United States 215 2.07 2.14%
Europe 175 1.68 1.74%
Australia 122 1.17 1.22%
Belarus 86 0.83 0.86%
Israel 84 0.81 0.84%
Germany 72 0.69 0.72%
Cyprus 71 0.68 0.71%

It results more relevant to expected: 2 / 3 visitors were from Ukraine, 1 / 6 – Russia. All other countries together provide about 1 / 6 of visitors.


Recall that our site was created for promotion of programs developed by us – a universal hierarchical database "Myslene drevo"; its free distribution is available for downloading from the site. Therefore, success in downloading our distributions we pleased.

File downloading
at least no more
DDistribution "Myslene drevo" 2.2 46 104
Myslene drevo 1.0 source code 29 50
Universal CD shell 4 5

Implementation of Myslene drevo program

Our users are not limited to those that load distribution program Myslene drevo. During 2003 the program was constantly used (except of developer) to:

  1. National Art Museum of Ukraine (Kyiv)
  2. Museum of Historical Treasures of Ukraine (Kyiv)

At various stages of review and implementation of our program are:

  1. Provincial Directorate of Monuments of History and Culture (Dnepropetrovsk)
  2. Museum of Hetmanate (Kyiv)
  3. Division of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine (Kyiv)
  4. State Historical and Memorial Preserve Lukyanovske cemetery "(Kyiv)

10 most popular documents on the site

Document Requests
Myslene drevo news 1869
Links 1516
Bohdan Khmelnytsky 1028
Latest in "Bibliography of the old Ukraine" 981
History of european culture 875
Myslene drevo databases 835
Bibliography of the old Ukraine 816
Links: literature, language 701
What is Myslene drevo 683
Myslene drevo bookshelf 623

There are 3 documents from "Bibliography of the old Ukraine", 2 – from the collection of links, one book in the top 10 list.

Report on the "Studio"

Available in ukrainian version only.

We welcome all of our authors with success and invite them and other scientists to publish their works on our site If you have any suggestions – mail to us.