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News 2005

3.12.2005 The new book in the "Studies"

Back in 2000, a group of ukrainian philosophers and culturologists released monograph "Universal dimensions of the ukrainian culture". Now thanks to the initiator of this project Alexander Kirilyuk we can give our readers the full text of this monograph.

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14.11.2005 The new photo exhibition

This time, an exhibition of architectural photographs of Nicholas Zharkikh display in the National Reserve "Sophia of Kiev" (exhibition hall "Chlibnja", Vladimirskaya, 24). It will run until mid-December 2005. This is the last chance to see the photos – after the photo exhibition will be transferred to reserve funds, that will remain in their review Internet or cD.

5.10.2005 Updated CD encyclopedia of Sudak


Released an updated and greatly supplemented version of the database "Sudak". Updated database contains the full texts of collected works "Sugdeya, Surozh, Soldaia in history and culture of Russia-Ukraine" (2002), Sugdea collection" (2003), Black sea coast, Crimea, Rus in the history and culture" (2004).

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30.07.2005 The new Myslene drevo CD edition

New CD-ROM contains computer photocopies of 1-4 issues "Spadshchyna" anthology, published in 1988 – 1990, in PDF format, where you can browse and print the necessary materials.

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25.06.2005 The school diary (12 points] CD-ROM

In the new 2005/2006 school year, released the massive circulation of the school diary (12 points]. Some copies are equipped with compact disc with the database "World Cultural Treasure".

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11.06.2005 The new Myslene drevo CD edition


New CD-ROM containing genealogical reference by Leonti Voytovych "Descendants of Genghis Khan: an introduction to genealogy Chynhizyds-Dzhuchyds".

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14.05.2005 The new publication of historical source

In the "Studies" we will publish a Russian translation of the French travel notes by Gilbert Romm from a trip to Ukraine and the Crimea in 1786. This translation was published in 1941 and since then it seems to reprinted, we can not find this work in the Internet too.

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7.05.2005 The new Myslene drevo CD edition


The new CD contains a monograph Nicholas Zharkikh "Life and work of Lev Gumilev".

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30.04.2005 The new article in "Archeometry"

New article on web almanac "Archeometry and protection of historical and cultural heritage" – "The old approaches to new problems: the museum records nowadays".

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23.04.2005 The new Myslene drevo CD edition

The new CD contains a monograph by Nicholas Zharkikh "European sources 16 – 17 centuries on the Crimean Khanate". As each job performed by N.Zharkikh, this monograph is only the beginning and middle, but has no end. You can read the monograph in the form that it came at the end of 2004.

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16.04.2005 The new book on the Myslene drevo bookshelf

A new book by our colleague, Simferopol archaeologist Vadim Maiko is dedicated to the settlement Tepsen. Actually, it came back in December 2004, but we somehow did not have time for this report. The book prepared for publication by M. Panchenko.

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23.03.2005 The 10000-th visitor of root page of the site

Recall that a thousand guests attended the root page of our site 9.06.2003 year, six months after the beginning of the work site. And now, through 28 months of work, we welcome the ten thousandth guest.

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19.03.2005 The new Myslene drevo CD edition

New CD-ROM contains a database of "Temples of Podillja". This expanded and updated version of the web directory, which was published at our site previously.

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5.03.2005 The new issue of "Znak" journal

Published 33rd issue of "Znak" (The sign) – journal of Ukrainian heraldic society (October 2004). Compared with the printed version, it contains more pictures, including many color. So even those who use the printed version chasypysu, it makes sense to look our site.

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26.02.2005 The new Myslene drevo CD edition


New CD-ROM contains electronic versions of book by V. Andrienko "Statistical indices in economic research".

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12.02.2005 The new article in "Archeometry"

New article in web almanac "Archeometry and protection of historical and cultural heritage" – "On receipt of cementing bronze and brass". We sincerely appreciate our constant author – Alexander Nikolayevich Yehorkov (Saint Petersburg, Russia), which supports "Arheometry" with his work and after its relocation in the web.

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5.02.2005 The new book in the "Studies"

More than a year ago died professor V. Andrienko. His book "Statistical indices in economic research", prepared for printing by Anatoly Pyvovar, published with the support of the Myslene drevo team in May 2004. Now due courtesy A. Pivovar we can give readers a web version of this book.

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29.01.2005 Myslene drevo version 3.0

Actually, we started working on the next release "Myslene drevo" the next day after releasing version 2.5, i.e. November 15, 2004. Originally we hoped to add several features in version 2.5 and release it as version 2.6. But then we realized: a new version – it does not improve the old, but still a new program. And it got version 3.0…

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16.01.2005 The annual report on the site work

The report presents in detail general information about the development of the site in 2004, with data for each work from the Studies and each article in the Archeometry. We present a comparison with 2003.

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