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Alexander Korsun

Korsun Alexander A. (27 May (8 Jun) 1818 – 25 Oct (6 Nov) 1891) – Ukrainian writer and publisher.

Portrait A. A. Korsun

Born in the village Bogdanovskaya Antipovka in the family landowner. Somewhere at the end of 1830-s he entered the Kharkov University, where he graduated, presumably in 1842, and joined the Kharkov Criminal Court, where he served under the command of G. F. Kvitka-Osnovyanenko. In 1847 (1848?) he became an official for special assignments at Derbent military governor. In 1860, he inherited his father’s village Bogdanovskaya Antipovka [Volvenko A. V. Kazakomanstvo. Don case (1860). . – Russian Antiquity, 2015, Vol. 14, number 2, pp. 95], retired and settled in the village, where he lived until his death.

In Ukrainian literature Korsun left his mark primarily as a publisher of the almanac "Snip (Sheaf)" (Kharkov 1841), which he prepared in his student years. In it, in addition to poems and translations of Korsun himself, were printed the poems Mikhail Petrenko, tragedy N. I. Kostomarov "Perejaslav night" and other works. A few works by Korsun were published in the journal "Majak (Lighthouse)" in 1842 – 1845 years.

Korsun dreamed to issue second volume of "Sheaf", but he failed to do so. During his stay in retirement, he was not engaged in literature, but took care of his coin collection (in 1885 was printed catalog). Only in 1890, he published his memoirs of Nikolai Kostomarov. The obituaries have mentioned that after him left a large number of literary and ethnographic materials (archive fate unknown).

Place of birth and residence

The village (?) Bogdanovskaya Antipovka was in the Rostov district Ekaterinoslav province. Modern guides do not know of the village. On the military topographic map F. Schubert (3 verst per inch, from the surveys 1846 – 1863, ) shows the village of Bogdanovka-Antipovka (Korsunova). On indicated the village Bogdanovka on river Birjuchaja, north of Taganrog. On this village called Bogdanovka-Antonovka. On this – the territory Neklinovsky district of Rostov region, no settlements along the river Birjuchaja shown (the same – on ) – as shown on . This is "getting up off its knees" sui generis.

M. Zh., Jan 18, 2016.


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