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Praskovya Kiriy

Praskovya Mikhaylovna Kiriy (Oct 30 (Nov 11), 1889 – May 2, 1942) – translator of Ukrainian poetry into Russian.

Парасковія Кирій (1926 р.)

Praskovya was born in a peasant family of Mikhail Chebotarev in the village (now the Bryansk region of the Russian Federation). The girl was orphaned early and was brought up in an orphanage in Trubchevsk, she graduated from the local high school with the right to teach in people schools (1905).

In 1908 she moved to Ekaterinodar (now Krasnodar, Russia) and married Oleksa Kiriy – beginner Ukrainian poet. In 1911 they had a son Alex (1911 – 1976) – the future construction engineer and writer (pseudonym – Denis Kiriy). After the revolution of 1917 P. Kiriy worked as a proofreader in a printing in Krasnodar.

Under the influence of her husband Praskovya mastered the Ukrainian language and begin translating Ukrainian poets into Russian. Her literary heritage is small in size, only a few translations were published during her lifetime. In 1943 O. Kiriy compiled a collection of translations made Praskovya. It was published in 2016 through the efforts of her granddaughter – Consuelo Alekseevna Kiriy and Krasnodar literary critic Victor Kirillovich Chumachenko.

«Украинская муза» (2016 р.)

Kiriy P. M. Ukrainian Muse: Translations of classical anthology. – Krasnodar: Ekoinvest, 2016 – 146 p.

"Laboratory of the North Caucasus translation" series. number 1

Published by the decision of the Academic Council of the Southern Branch of the Russian Cultural and Natural Heritage Research Institute on June 9, 2016, Minutes № 6.

The book was published on the initiative and at the expense of Consuelo Alekseevna Kiriy.

Scientific editor – V. K. Chumachenko.

, candidate of philological sciences, professor, senior researcher at the South Branch of the Russian Research Institute for Cultural and Natural Heritage, honored worker of culture of Adygeya, Krasnodar region and Ukraine

April 9, 2017