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Petro Konashevych-Sahaidachnyi monument in Kyiv

Parnikoza I.Yu.

Petro Konashevych-Sahaidachnyi…

Petro Konashevych-Sahaidachnyi monument in Kyiv. Petro Konashevych-Sahaidachnyi, (Ukrainian: Петро Конашевич-Сагайдачний; Polish: Piotr Konaszewicz-Sahajdaczny; Russian: Пётр Конашевич-Сагайдачный) (born near 1582[2] in Kulchytsy – March 20, 1622 in Kyiv) – Ukrainian political and civic leader, Hetman of Ukrainian Zaporozhian Cossacks from 1616–1622,[2] a brilliant military leader both on land and sea. While being a Cossack Hetman, he transformed the Cossack Host from the erratic military formation into regular army. Under his leadership the cossacks, the Orthodox clergy and peasants had been begun to emerge as the united nation. His troops played a significant role in the battle of Khotyn against the Turks in 1621 and prince Władysław’s attempt to gain the Moscovy throne in 1618. Photo I. Parnikoza