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Science / Kyiv studies / Kyiv islands and coastal tracts on the Dnipro through the ages / Additions

Kyiv islands and coastal tracts on the Dnipro through the ages


Parnikoza I.Yu.

In this section we present original research texts, documents or literary works that are directly related to the history or nature of floodplain Dnieper in Kiev.

Appendix 1. Document by Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences about S. Vyhura and Vygurovschina

Appendix 2. B. Goshkevich Castle Prince Simeon Olelkovich and chronicle Gorodets in Kyiv. Kyiv, 1890

Appendix 3. V.Z. Zavytnevych Prince Semen Olelkovich castle and the chronicle settlement `Gorodets` near Kyiv

Appendix 4. I. Nechuy-Levitsky, Night on the Dnieper

Appendix 5. Report of board of public events "Brotherhood of Truhanov island" for the first half of 2002

Appendix 6. Shovkoplyas G.M. Mysteries of Ancient Obolon

Appendix 7. L. Bezusko, S. Mosyakin, A. Bezusko Palynological Characteristics of Early Medieval Deposits From the Territory of Podil in Kyiv (Ukraine)

Appendix 8. Paleobotanical materials from archaeological excavations on the 35, Spa ska str. in Kyiv

Appendix 9. Svetlov Vasily Grigorievich (13.01.1910 August 1942) engineer-captain of rank 2, the flagship engineer-mechanic (short biography)

Appendix 10. Khrapay Sergey Petrovich commander of the BC-2 of the KL "Kremlin" (05.07.1914- ...)

Annex 11. The testimony of one Ukrainian technique, which during 7 months of 1939-40 worked on the construction of a tunnel, about tunnel around Kyiv

Appendix 12. Kyiv 1594 From Diary of Eric Lyasota, German Ambassador to the Zaporiza Cossacks

Appendix 13. Characteristics of Island Velyky, made by the Interdepartmental Integrated Laboratory of the Scientific Basis for Protected Areas in 1998 as part of the project for the creation of Regional Landscape Park "Dnipro Islands"

Appendix 14. V.B. Pilinski Memories of the laying of pontoon bridges within Kyiv in November 1943

Appendix 15. Krestovsky I. On the Dnipro River

Appendix 16. Lavrov D. It's good that the hairdressers were able to shoot

Appendix 17. Povetkina Lyudmila Three cows for ... pill

Appendix 18. Universal of Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky about "obedience" of Vygurovshchyna mens to St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery

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