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V. I. Melnikov

At the present stage of development of the theory of closed system one can hardly imagine its real value and perspectives as well as the sphere of its application. One thing is doubtless – the theory opens new possibilities for solving different problems irrespective of any scientific branch or group of disciplines. Its universality follows from a maximum level of common original concepts and dependences to connect them.

However, while solving many practical problems one does not need such level of commonness. The existing partial solutions quite satisfy both theory and practice. So far the most promising directions of its application are the problems which do not determine (or there are serious difficulties in revealing) the complex of all essential for the given problem acting factors which are not empirically discovered and logically substantiated by the available theoretical material.

By considering philosophical, physical and universally accepted in science problems the theory efficiency is obvious in uncertainty conditions of boundaries of the object considered and its connections with other objects or environment.

The concept of closed system is a reference point in this complex establishing. The concept of absolute closed system allows one to approach with absolute accuracy to this goal in solving any problem. For this reason ACS is a key concept, the last closing link of complex of facts and dependences obtained in solving the given problem. ACS integrates all the previous construction in a single consistent system. ACS concept automatically points to original data and conditions put in problem solution being conventional and approximate and orient one on possibility (or necessity) of their unlimited specification and development until the concept of reality vanishes in them. The concept of ACS, like in focus, merges solutions of many worldwide problems, including the problem of elementary particle of the world, on basis of which one can construct the entire building of world view. The conclusion that arises is unique: the world element is to be searched for not in an infinite row of regular elementary particles decreasing in size but in ACS allowing one to solve any problem and describe any object. Here one can relate the problems concerning time, happiness, health, matter, consciousness and some physical problems.

Of natural difficulty is the practical revelation of entire infinite complex of influencing factors and establishment of their quantitative values and interconnections. It is this that the eternal approach to the truth consists in. However, the way to it can be easier and more effective if is known its logical limit that can be and must be tended to, where the knowledge path ends.

It does not suggest that ACS and everything stated above is the truth in the last stage. From this it follows that by definition ACS itself is non-existing, absolutely abstract logical limit rather than real limit of knowledge and truth.

The examples considered are just first, probably not always successful attempts of TCS application as a methodological tool. Their task was to demonstrate possibilities of theory application to wide spectrum of scientific branches.

Examples were selected by some criteria.

1. Universal acceptance and significance of the problem.

2. Essential difficulties in the form and nature of the objects considered and the corresponding problems.

3. Impossibility of problem solution by means of the existing methods.

4. Availability of sufficient amount of preliminary experimental and logical material. In the maximum program – with the lack in the known solutions of the last closing link only – the concept of closed system.

5. Sufficient obviousness and simplicity of solving problems by method of CS.

The most characteristic example in the above sense, especially in sections 1,3,4, is the solution of problems concerning happiness and health. These problems exist as long as mankind does. And it seemed that here everything is known and there cannot be for them any general solution. Each person is happy and healthy in his own way, i.e., for none of them there exist common prescriptions and recommendations. TCS produces such general solution by means of concepts of closed system and moving balance between the corresponding systems of a man and the environment. Here the concept of closed system played a role of closing link such that combined a thousand years’ developed empirical and theoretical material in a general consistent system.

The analogous situation has occurred with the problem of relation of matter and consciousness. TCS allows one to assert that thousand years’ discussions about priority of either of them are also groundless, like existence of object without anti-object, the force of gravity of one mass without the other, one opposite without the other, namely, all this can exists only in a closed, of one or the other level system and simultaneously. And in this case the lack of ACS concept did not allow one to solve this problem regardless of it’s thousand years’ history.

It must be difficult to agree with such conclusions and with psychological and physiological parts as well, but it could be the matter of time.

As far as the other examples are concerned we can say that there the situation is not so smooth and logically crystal clear.

Many problems have not been yet “raised” for the completing ending link to be established. There are no transition and intermediate concepts and their dependences. Thereby the variants of the solutions proposed are also intermediate. In particular, in the problem of mass defect and red displacement one managed via TCS to establish and substantiate only some new acting factors. However, in this cases TCS determines the research direction and hence, reduce the path to the goal.

The goal of this paper was not and could not be the solution of any eternal unsolved problems although certain results in this direction while solving some problems were obtained from our point of view.

The aim of this work was the attempt to develop the research method whose absence prevented to solve a great deal of underlying problems. There is no doubt; this attempt has not been solved at this stage of research. For this, efforts of one man might not be enough; years must pass and serious work of different profiles specialists be done. In any case if the conception proposed drew researchers’ attention to originate new ideas and investigations, the author will consider his task to have been performed.