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Theory of closed system

V. I. Melnikov

The monograph deals with investigating the system theory, one of fundamental problems of modern science. Consideration is given to some aspects of methodological role of absolutely closed system as a general principle in solving some problems related to different natural and humanitarian sciences. The author introduces the complex of interconnected concepts developed on the highest level of generalization by which he investigates a series of fundamental common to sciences and all mankind concepts and laws like reference frame, information, conservation laws, gravitation-repulsion laws, principle of relativity, time, health, happiness and others.

A vast class of common factors, phenomena and laws related to different branches of science are brought in a single system. A logical explanation of some known empirical laws, including inertia and gravitation-repulsion laws are obtained.

Dependences between certain philosophical, natural science and humanitarian concepts, laws and ideas are established.

The conception proposed can be applied as methodological principle to investigating objects and systems relevant to different branches of knowledge.