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Preface to the first edition

V. I. Melnikov

This work has unusual fate and hence, uncommon content. It has appeared as a result of author’s long-term research performed independently of any other formed scientific direction. In a sense, it has originated from the author’s ambitions to find answers on numerous more or less important matters of both regular and scientific occurrences. Until recently this research did not have any specific scientific or organizational, moral or material goal and it was not given many opponents’ discussions and financing either. The work was developing on its own in parallel (and independently) with solving many everyday, technical and scientific problems that the author had to deal with over the last decades. Until 1996 this theme was not covered by any single author’s communication. The only manifestations of it were random accidental conversations and even phrases that solved nothing and had no meaningful ending. However, the process kept going. Sometimes specific recommendations came into being which the author successfully applied in different situations, each time being convinced in their correctness. However, the idea of its being a science had not occurred to the author for a long.

The first more or less serious ideas appeared more than 40 years ago, but they were amorphous and uncertain and did not fit in none of scientific branches known to the author. However, in the course of time these ideas were developing to make a system, acquired a specific content and fit well with the key problems of different sciences, including philosophy, physics, mathematics, biology. Since these investigations were beyond the bounds of the author’s professional interests, they were not given any special attention. The certain break occurred when the concept of absolutely closed system had come into being. It turned out that “everything” can be accounted for by “nothing”. Around this central connecting principle there was formed a system conceptual apparatus and as a whole a certain interdisciplinary, undoubtedly, new scientific and more precisely, system, common to all sciences. As was shown by the first attempts of its application to solving different problems, this system revealed itself as a powerful methodological facility. It made possible to find ways of solving different problems including the world outlook ones. The first publication (1996) stated the occurrence of the concept of absolutely closed system as a universal integrating principle. The random publications that followed dealt with different aspects of the system developed, were published in limited editions, might have been beyond the bounds of scientific interests and did not attract wide attention of leading specialists concerned with the above problems, especially philosophers. It was given a certain understanding and support by physicists, who appreciated the virtue of its ideas promoting the solution of some problems in the field theory and other matters.

As the material accumulated, grew the confidence in scientific value of the system and for the purpose of complex and sequential presentation of its essence there appeared and strengthened the idea about the necessity of systematization of the entire material in a single edition, including both the theory and examples of its application. Since the examples of the system application were deliberately taken from totally different branches of knowledge, the book proved to be “ill-matched” and eclectic at the first sight. But under thorough consideration there was inevitable conclusion about all sections compliance with one central idea – proving efficiency of application of the developed system as methodological means in solving problems of different sciences. It is up to a reader to make judgments how the author succeeded in doing that.

This book would have never been published if it had not been given a support of some prominent scientists and just reliable and good natured assistants at different stages of its being concerned with.

The author would like to expresses his sincere gratitude to the chair of physics of Norilsk industrial institute and, in particular the Doctor of physical and mathematical science, Professor I.A.Zhulin, the head of the chair of mathematics, Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, Professor Yu.I.Petukhov.

The author highly appreciated the comprehension of his ideas the moral support lent to him by the candidate of physical sciences, member of Union of journalists of Russia A.I.Dzyure.

The book would not have been published without a permanent and skilful assistance of my reliable, loyal friend and wife G.V.Melnikova who made a significant contribution to technical work with the manuscript and lent me constant moral support.

Finally, the author thanks a lot the group of Editorial board of Norilsk industrial institute headed by V.I.Gritsuk who bore responsibilities on computer making up and editing the work.