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Preface to the second edition

V. I. Melnikov

The necessity of the second supplemented and revised edition of the book in question is accounted for by some essential causes among which the underlying are the new results obtained, quite limited first edition and of greatest importance, the growing interest of scientific and neighboring community to the theory of closed system and its methodological possibilities. The first edition was spread over few weeks. Some revisions resulted from constructive criticism of contents of certain specializes sections (a mass defect, a relativity principle) by “private” specialists. These revisions suggest completed introductory and definition parts, having retained the basic results presented in the first edition.

There were introduced some changes into the possible general assessment of place, role and sense of the theory of closed system (TCS) in the existing space of scientific ideas and theories. Attention was focused on the fact that TCS, in its principle, is the method of investigation, i.e., the method of closed system. The idea itself about making use of consideration of a closed system as the basis of the investigation method (or any problem solution) is not new. Almost each quantitative problem in any field is being solved by this particular method. Remember the way of our practicing at school: let there be given, one needs to find. The totality: and represents the closed system of interdependent and interacting factors. The underlying difference of this method consists in its being extremely generalized and on this bases extended to domain, where, as a classic said: there were miracles and wood-goblins were roaming. But since by definition, TCS is a peculiar logic materialization, then historically accumulated, not adapted and adjusted numerous propositions of specialized sciences were immediately revealed like by X-ray.

Some revisions occurred as a result of numerous discussions on the problems concerning concepts of time, happiness, system of reference.

In other respects the content of the book remained practically identical excluding the corrections of some obvious misprints and stylistic inaccuracies.

Three years that have passed since the moment of the first edition coming out showed that in science the laws of paradigm change remained stable. The professional (official) scientists, “narrow” specialists in their fields could hardly recognize (if not rejected at once) new ideas spoken by a dilettante in their fields unlike well educated and creative persons not burdened with stiff and unshakable postulates and laws in their and adjacent problems. The first group has the common question of a professional physicist concerning the problem on mass defect that sounds like “Don’t we have to convert the entire nuclear physics now?” By the way, it is very reasonable question. It said more than it could. It is obvious, that nobody will let anybody do that. Nobody will convert trajectories of celestial body motion only because there appeared the possibility of analytical derivation of gravitational constant due to introduction of other more fundamental world constants.

The second group has the sayings like “Something like this has occurred to me (about a problem concerning time concept, the mechanism of generating attraction and repulsion forces and other), the lack of time prevented from its being systematized, generalized and presented”. The common question concerned the formula of happiness and health was of interest to everybody, but its TCS interpretation was not taken adequately.

However, in general, apart from appreciation of this work by some specialists of physics, one can point out its still being ignored and its results passed over in silence by the corresponding scientific communities.

One of the explanations of the above situation can be the fact that a wide circle of researchers is not familiar with its results. That is why this edition will first come out in Internet-edition format.

However, the main cause of such ignoring must be the natural complete lack of specialists to deal with the theory of closed system. Narrow specialists in different applications of theory from the first phases recognize “an alien” and dilettante and make judgments about everything rational and logical from the corresponding point of view. As you know, currently being a specialist in totally different fields is not feasible. And what’s the point for the acknowledged leader to change his scientific position persistently created over decades? To a greater extent it concerns a body of lawmakers in a definite branch. Heresy in science, as in any other field of thinking has never been welcome. Moreover, around the problems in questions, nowadays there are so many theories, hypothesis , ideas and points of view that unlikely there exist many of those who would willingly take up the developing the regular one.

The purpose of the second edition is, of course, not breaking the stable stereotypes but attracting attention of the widest circle of those concerned with worldwide problems and ways of their possible solutions. May be and “narrow” specialists in the course of time will be able to find something valuable for themselves in the theory proposed, something that would promote progress in the corresponding science.

Everything passes and everything comes. The time will show and filter out what is unnecessary. I wish it would be not only the efforts of this book’s author that will reveal the way it will go.