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3.1. Objects of Historical and Cultural Heritage of Dnieper valley

Parnikoza I.Yu.

«In the history of Ukrainian art history many names, many figures of researchers. Some work in the best conditions, the other – in the worst. Some have a lot of useful, gathered a large number of museums attractions that otherwise would have died just studied them, published a thorough exploration. Others – more used their position for their own well-being… »

S. Bilokin "Theodore Ernst"

Kyiv. At the very mention of this word unique we w Dnieper valley greatness golden domes and luxurious chestnut trees, my head is starting to sound romantic waltz, my heart starts pounding faster and pull yourself down on the Dnipro River. Kyiv does not leave anyone indifferent. But it is interesting that the average visitors prefer to visit our city? What corners Kyiv interested in the vast majority of Kiev? Of course this is mostly downtown-old Kyiv Hill, Pechersk and skirts that despite the inexorable passage of time has not yet lost its spirit. Kyiv has a vast history that materially embodied in the presence of countless objects of cultural heritage.

Fig. 3.1.1. Localization of some of…

Fig. 3.1.1. Localization of some of the cultural sites of the valley of the Dnieper in Kyiv

Among other things, in practice, this means that we have a huge opportunity to increase the tourist potential of the city and compete with other European cities. And one of the most competitive in this regard is the magic Dniprova Valley. After all, we all enjoy it. Many of us do not realize how many monuments of past ages, instructive pages of history and works of human genius, this valley hides. In view of this situation the aim of this article was to bring together a brief information about the main (for completeness we do not pretend) monuments Dnieper River valley and suggest some ways to the future in turystytsi modern Kyiv.