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Zaslavschyna many cultures

The collection includes material of scientific conference held in Izyaslav 21 – 22 December 2006. kindly provided the opportunity to publish full text of the collection of articles on the "Myslene drevo" site.

Bibliographic description of books: A metaphor common home: Zaslavschyna many cultures. – Izyaslav – Ostrog: Publisher National University "Ostrog Academy", 2006. – 278 pp.

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Southeast Volyn in prahistory and epoch of the Middle Ages

Finds the oldest metal axes in Volhynia

On the question of distribution Kuman boilers

Volyn-Kiev borderlands XI – XIII centuries by "Annals of Rus"

Ethnic and tribal affiliation characteristics of the population of the central lands of Volyn in IX – XIII centuries.

Land ownership of "uncrowned kings of Russia" Ostrog and Zaslav princes

Zaslav and Zaslav region as an important element of the trade structure of Volyn XVI – first half of XVII century.

Chechel-Novoseletsky and their family nest

Cities of Zaslav region in early XVII century.

Ordination heritage of princes Zaslavsky

Two bright dates of the Ukrainian national sanctuary

In the two empires. Zaslav region from the late XVIII to the 1990th years

Administrative-territorial division of Zaslav region in late XVIII – beginning of XXI century.

"General description of Volyn gubernia" as the source on the history of Zaslav and Zaslav region in late XVIII – early XIX century.

History of the Czech colony Yadvonino in Ostrog County

National minorities in Zaslav region in 1920 – 30 years

The situation of national minorities of Zaslav region in early 20th twentieth century

Politics "indigenization" and changes in the status of national minorities in the 1923 – 1933 years

Collapsing "indigenization" policy and renew of repression in the middle and second half of the 30th years of the twentieth century

List of respondents, the memories are used in the article

Jozef Krzyvicky – author of Volyn material of «Słownik Geograficzny Królewstwa Polskiego i innych krajów słowiańskich»

A page of history Belgorodka town or fate of Yevfrosyniya Gorbatyuk

Zaslav region in the national-liberation 1917 – 1922

The revolutionary events of 1917

Echoes of the Bolshevik revolution

Period of the Central Council

Hetman's power



The attack of the Bolsheviks

The first steps of Soviet power

The resistance of the Bolshevik regime

Famine 1921 – 1923

Historical and cultural monuments of the city and district Izyaslav

Defense system of palace complex princes Sangushko in Zaslav. Northwest Bastion

Public accounting and the cultural heritage in Zaslav region

Ancient folk housing and commercial construction in Zaslav region

Zaslaw jako osrodek artystyczny w XVII i XVIII wieku

Documents and materials

Zaslav Castle Book XVI century

Shtetl gourmets

Izyaslave Klezmers

"Gold" street

Easter story

Native watercolor


Testimony of Fedor Matsyuk

From the stories of my grandmother

Conversation with Mary Savluk


Ancient temples bells in historical Volyn

List of Volhynian nobility living in the Uman district in the first third of the nineteenth century

Ukrainian-Polish misunderstanding during the uprising in 1863

Scientific and social activities of Paul Zholtovsky