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Lyman: village in Zmiev district

Dehodjuk E.G.

Bibliographic description of the hard copy edition : Дегодюк Е.Г. Лиман: З авторського циклу «Історія рідного краю».–К. : Народні джерела, 2009 р.–203 с.

Lyman is a village in Zmiev district, Kharkiv region, centesimal town of the Kharkiv and Izyum Slobidsky Ukrainian Cossack regiments.

The book is intended for a wide range of readers, and, above all, the pupils and students, teachers, regional specialists, scientists and all those who are interesed in the history of his native land.

The best generalization of our history comes down to that the entire history of Ukraine – a story of struggle for freedom.

M. Polyutin

To be Ukrainian – is to be constantly in a state of proving his right to exist.

V. Vynnychenko

Society must… have… the courage to look at the unvarnished truth of his past, to scoop it in force. Know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

M. Hrushevskyi

Dedicate the bright memory of my father Dehodyuka Sidorovich Gregory, who taught me to respect the history of his native land of boundless love and Ukraine.


Content (full texts in ukrainian)

A word to the reader


Meet with Lyman

Ecological condition of the environment

Lyman History

From the depths of eternity

Traces of ancient times

Walk to Pralyman

When we were Cossacks

The phenomenon of Moscow magistrates

Riots and rebellions in Slobozhanschyna

Tatar attacks

Between two fires

From slavery to a new captive

Lyman in the nineteenth century

At the dawn of the twentieth century

In the bloody flame of 1920's

Hunger and famine in Ukraine and Lyman

Occupation regime and the first famine in 1921-1922

Holodomor (famine) 1932-1933

Famine in Lyman

War is war

Repression continues

Famine of 1946-1947

Meaningful experiences

World War II

Post-war hard times

The heavy formation and collapse of systems

In independent Ukraine

Lyman and around

Famous people from Lyman

Reflections on being the native land

Two minds on the same land

The character of the Ukrainian and Russian in Slobozhanschina during Cossacks time

The current mentality of both nations

Ukraine – not Russia. Ukraine – Rus'

Kharkiv – Ukrainian city

Poetry of native land


Used literature

Photo gallery

Map of Lyman and surrounding

1. Lyman's School I-III levels of accreditation

2. Traditional meeting

3. New temple

4. Lake Borove in summer 1954

5. Near White hill – Summer 1954

6. Lake Borove – 2006

7. Swimming pool

8. These houses were in post-war Lyman

9. Another patriarchal house

10. View of Zmiev electropower station by Lyman lake

11. Zmiev electropower station – close view

12. Wires of Zmiev electropower station

13. Pipe for slag transportation

14. The road from slag to the village Lyman

15. Filling the lake with slag opposite the slag-heap

16. Bulldozer on the mountain of slag

17. Behind the mountain of slag – waterlogged area

18. Even during the Khazar Kaganate people lived here

19. …and dying trees

20. Smoke Balaklia's cement-slate combine

21. General view of Burshtyn electropower station – the sister of Zmiev one

22. E.G.Dehodjuk near current slag-heap

23. Pumping station of Burshtyn electropower station

24. Drain wells of slag-heap N 3 at Burshtyn electropower station

25. Natural growth of meadow near Burshtyn electropower station

26. Slag-heap of Burshtyn electropower station – not recultivated yet

27. Neolithic site IV millennium BC

28. Fragments of untouched territory

29. Pyramid of King Djoser

30. Parade of pyramids near the Giza (Egypt)

31. Author at the foot of Great Pyramid of Giza

32. Author near the former parents' house

33. Jug of Khazar Kaganate

34. Stone «grandmother» of Cimmerian epoch

35. Battle ax of XV cent.

36. Fragment of Cossack fortress rampart

37. In the Cossack settlement

38. Traces of the destruction of the settlement

39. Pit with traces of wood coals

40. Fragments of Neolithic pottery vessels

41. Fragments of black ceramics

42. Fragments of Cossack pottery

43. Studio pottery of our ancestors

44. Traces of ramparts and fosses of Cossack fortification

45. M.I.Sayany and V.P.Skubin determine the age of ceramic artifacts

46. South fosse of the fortress

47. Fragments of the gun and the kernel

48. Author interviews about the famine

49. List of villagers who died on the fronts of World War II (1941-1945)

50. Lyman modern. Trade Center

51. Lyman modern. The administrative center of the village

53. Lyman modern. Shyroka (broad) Street (now – Komsomolskaya)

54. Lyman modern. Zmievska street

55. Monument to fallen soldiers-liberators of Lyman in summer 1943

56. Former soldiers of World War II

57. Tomb of Lyman's residents shot by the Germans in 1942

58. Legendary Cossack mount

59. "Ukrainian Switzerland"

60. Cossack cross on the Cossack mount

61. Epitaph on the Cossack cross

62. At Cossack mount

63. Ruins of the Zmiev monastery

64. E.G. Dehodyuk on the ruins of the temple

65. Holy Trinity Church in the village Cherkassky Byshkyn

66. Church of Archangel Michael in the village Verkhny Byshkyn

67. Church of St. Michael in the village Cherkassky Byshkyn

68. Detail of carving from the village Cherkassky Byshkyn

69. The temple in the Vodjane village

70. So "Privat Zone!" or National park?

71. Sailor of battleship "Prince Potemkin" V.S. Zolotarev

72. Cossack K.Shramko

73. Interviews of L.I.Shramko

74. Hero of the Soviet Union O.P.Butko

76. The monument of a soldiers killed during fighting with the fascists 8 March 1942

77. E.G.Dehodjuk and V.P.Skubin on guard of honor

78. Young poetess Vera Moroz

79. Pride of Lyman – Vera Kolesnikova

80. Lyman's amateur choir in 1956

81. Lyman's school alumni

82. Professor E.G.Dehodjuk