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Kremenchug from foundation to 1764

Vyrsky D.S.

Reconstruction of Kremenchug symbols…

Bibliographic description of the hard copy edition : Вирський Д.С. Українне місто:
Кременчук від заснування до 1764 р. – К. : 2004 р. – 436 c.

Dedicated for my ancestors -
Cossacks of Kremenchug squadron

Vyrsky Dmitry S. – Ph.D. in History, Senior Research Fellow of the Institute of Ukrainian Historiography History of Ukraine.

Scientific Editor: doctor J.A. Pinchuk


doctor O.I. Gurzhiy

doctor V.M. Horobets

doctor V.V. Kravchenko

The book is an attempt to present history of Kremenchuk and its districts from the foundation (a process which stretched almost a century since the mid sixteenth century to 1630-st) up to the time of elimination here Cossack administration and subordination most of Kremenchug district to Novorossiysk province in 1764. The focus of the researcher stayed on the fate of local communities, local heritage border of Cossack Ukraine, its impact on urban development and united around the edge.

In 2007 the author gave the book to be published on the site "Myslene drevo", for which we express our deep appreciation to him.



To countrymen

Scientists note

Royal Castle (1571-1648)

Seasonal work and castle

Ukrainian conquista: competition with wild field (industrial, sacred center and "metropolia")

Odyssey of the foundation

Name as fate

Magnates and cossacks

Kings of the border: princes Vyshnevetski

"The sons of Crown": the magnates and gentry

Plebeian warriors: stepchilds of Crown

Cossack wars in Kremenchug disctrict

Brothers In Arms: Battle at the Pyvsky mountains

Dissension: Kurukove battle

Cain case: a way to Starytsja

Kremenchug primrose: Cossack Revolution and the Ruin (1648-1687)

Outskirts of the city: from squadron to a regiment

Called by the Revolution: Great Hetman conscripts

The potential of cities and regional perspectives

"The people-army": the regimental-centesimal system

Magdeburg rule and church

Agony of the gentry and illusory Starostvo


Vyhovsky: War against the War

Yuras Khmelnitsky. Hope for unity and break at the Dnipro

Teteria and Bryukhovetsky: conservatism against populism

The war of all against all. Bitter taste of "alien righteousness"

Doroshenko: wrestling with fate

Chygyryn's War: grief to glory

Shadows of Chyhyryn

At the edge of colonization: the competition of civilizers (end of XVII – 1764)

Again the border: security, Cossacks, foreigners

Corner of the Hetmanate

"Blood and iron": Peter 1 wars and Mazepintsy in Kremenchug district

Visible state: the border and the fortress

Restoration of the Right Bank: the Cossacks and the nobility again

Right Bank Slobozhanshchina

"Dj Vu" of the Rzeczpospolita: haidamaks and Russians

People of the "White King": imperial colonization of the settlement

Horizons of material civilization

Chimeric image of Kremenchug society

Agro-Urban: overall state of towns in Hetmanate

Path-adventurer: local transport and shopping artery

Knights of business: Kremenchug chumaks

"The older and smaller" children of the Motherland: the officers, Cossacks, burghers, peasants and clergy

"Southern" regiment, "coastal" squadron

"Manner and even a vegetable garden right"



1. City privileges in Kremenchug district (XVII century).

Kryliv (1616)

Chygyryn-Dibrova (1636)

Kremenchug (1659)

2. Acts on the provision and purchase of estates in Kremenchug (17 – 18 century).

3. Registers and computs of cossack squadrons (mid 17 – 1st Quarter 18 cent.)

4. Revisions in 1752

Revision of Kremenchug squadron in Myrhorod regiment

Registry of Kremenchug squadron

Revision of Kremenchug squadron in Myrhorod regiment

5. Officers' fate: autobiographical narratives of service