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Science / Local studies / Slavuta and Slavuta district

Slavuta and Slavuta district

Bibliographic description of books: Slavuta and Slavutchyna: past and present. Part 1. XIX – XX century. Scientific Papers. – Slavuta, 2003. – 122 pp.

Sangusko armcoat

The first part of the collection published articles concerning the history and present of Slavuta district, Khmelnitsky region in XIX – XX centuries. Articles devoted to economic, cultural and social development not only Slavuta, but also its neighboring lands.

For historians, ethnographers, teachers and students, and anyone interested in the history of his native land.


Chairman of Editorial Board – Berkovsky V.G., Department of History XVI – XVIII centuries M.Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin (Poland);

Answ. Editor – Panyshko Y.M., PhD, Department of Humanities of Lviv Regional Institute of Postgraduate Education;

Members of Editorial Board: Vinokur I.I., Doctor of History, professor. Kamyanets Podolsky State Pedagogical University;

Zhurko O., Ph.D., Professor, Khmelnytsky Institute of Business;

Kowalski M.P., Doctor of History, Prof., Rector of National University "Ostrog Academy";

© Design and layout Berkovskyy V., 2002


A. Kolodny Some milestones in the Slavuta district history in light of archaeological research

Pryshchepa O. Impact of new factors on the development of Slavuta in the second half of 19 – in early 20 century.

Cherkaska N. Letters by Prince Roman Damian Sangushko, the last owner of Slavuta estate

Komarnitsky O. Towns in Southern Volyn in the context of the Ukrainian revolution of 1917-1920

V. Nesterenko Etnonational development of Slavuta district in 20 – 30 years of the twentieth century.

Bodnar I. "New economic policy" at the Podillja: the experience of state initiatives

A. Matveev Repressive policy against wealthy peasants of Slavuta district

Shevchenko A.M. Martyrolog of "Gros-infirmary" in Slavuta: search continues

Bezdrabko V. Archivists and "History of towns and villages of the Ukrainian SSR": history of writing

Berkovsky V. Slavuta district regional history research: the turn of the millennium

V. Berkovsky The list of enterprises of Slavuta district that operated until 1917

V. Berkovsky Foreign subjects who lived and worked in the city of Slavuta and Slavuta district during the mid-nineteenth century.

V. Berkovsky Bibliographic index of the history of Slavuta and Slavuta district

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