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4th quarter 2016

30 Dec 2016 New work by A. Kaschenko

We continue publishing "The story of the glorious Zaporozhian Host" (1917). Today – "6. New Sich (1734 – 1775 years)."

Establishment of Sich at Pidpilna river / New system land Zaporozhye / Second haidamak movement in Ukraine / Zaporozhye land surveying / Movement Ukrainian people for freedom

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28 Dec 2016 New work by Ivan Korsak

We puclis collection of essays "Your names, Ukraine" (2007). Today – first 14 essays, including "The defeat of Russia."

Only a handful of giant forces computed by a hundred thousand managed to escape from the grip and return the path, which they came to the Ukrainian land.

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26 Dec 2016 New verses by Dniprova Chajka

We publish next 20 verses by Dniprova Chajka.

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24 Dec 2016 New about electronic magazines

We publish thesis P. Salyha "Transforming of the network electronic journals as a phenomenon of mass communication." Today – "2. Specificity network magazines as a form of electronic publishing products. "

2.1. Compositionally-graphic structure of network electronic journals / 2.2. Genre-stylistic and linguistic characteristics of network electronic journals

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22 Dec 2016 New short stories by Mykola Khvylovy

We publish three short stories, including "Fiance" (1927).

He began to speak something else, but he looked at the floor, where was lying in torn blue dress Katy, suddenly fell silent and looked at the chieftain madman eyes.

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20 Dec 2016 New articles by Dmytro Dontsov

We publish collection "From mysticism to politics" (1957).

From mysticism to politics / City of God’s wisdom / For spiritual heritage of Kyiv / Herod policy ("Spark of the great fire") / Pact with the Devil

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18 Dec 2016 New work by B.-I. Antonych

We publish an opera libretto "Dovbush" (1936).

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16 Dec 2016 New drama by G. Kvitka-Osnovjanenko

We publish drama "Sincere love, or Cute dearer than happiness" (1840).

He loves me, dear, so mighty as I did… he would take me… and I do not want he perish because of me… he ran for writing, but I rather go out for someone to free his hands.

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14 Dec 2016 New monograph on Kyiv

Verbascum phoeniceum (Photo Krasnyak E.)

Photo gallery of vegetation Kyiv islands and coastal tracts on the Dnipro is replenished with 25 photos.

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12 Dec 2016 New novel by Mykhajlo Starycky

We continue publishing historical novel by Mikhail Staritsky and Ljudmila Starytska-Chernjakhivska «Bogdan Khmelnycky» (1894 – 1897). Today – next 10 chapters, including "10. Morozenko takes rebellious peasants."

I tell you the thing: beat’s ploughshares and braids, and go to the Khmel. Time hot, see for yourself; let us go, so we did not loss with skin like an old mare.

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10 Dec 2016 Verses by Antin Mogylnycky

Verses by Antin Mogylnycky (1830-50-ies) nou published.

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8 Dec 2016 New about hetman Petro Doroshenko

We finish publishing a collection of articles "Hetman Petro Doroshenko and his era in Ukraine" (2015). Today – last 12 articles, including "Materials Hetman Petro Doroshenko in the collection of the Museum of Hetmanate."

In 2004 thanks to the will Olena Ott-Skoropadsky, the museum received a remarkable portrait of Hetman P. Doroshenko.

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5 Dec 2016 New article on restoration

Published article N. Shevckenko "Scientific restoration as a way to communicate" (2016).

Basically, the "female" contingent of executives makes the principle of "divide and rule" fundamental. Forming groups of pets instead union generates rivalry and struggle.

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4 Dec 2016 New novel by Mykola Lazorsky

We finish publishing historical novel "Patriot" (1969) by Mykola Lazorsky. Today – "16. Zahybet Grigor Orlyk. "

1. Orlik hear news from Ukraine /2. Dovgopoly in Luneville / 3. Military School for Ukrainian / 4. Farewell to war / 5. Dovgopoly awaiting news / 6. Grigor Orlik deadly wound.

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2 Dec 2016 New verses by Nicholas Ustyanovych

We publish first 20 verses by Nicholas Ustyanovych (1840-s).

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30 Nov 2016 New about Mikhail Vrubel

Published article "Ornaments Mikhail Vrubel in Vladimir’s Cathedral" (2016).

Guests of the cathedral can not see the image Vrubel’s golden peacocks, clergymen closed for these amazing creations of genius painter variety ciboriums.

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28 Nov 2016 New articles by N. Kostomarov

We publish articles N. Kostomarov about literature, including "Little Russian literature" (1871).

Shevchenko is not only vulgar Little Russian poet, but a poet of the common people in general, human bulk, has long suppressed the conditions of social life.

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26 Nov 2016 New guide

We continue publishing guide L. M. Shestopalova "Theory of law and state" (2011). Today – continuation of chapter "3. The theory of law", including section "The implementation of the law."

The concept of implementation of the law and its forms / Types and methods of interpretation of law / Legal gaps and means to address them

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24 Nov 2016 New guide on maps

We begin to publish guide "Maps and plans of source studios Lydia Ponomarenko" (2012). Today – first part of the section "Russian State Historical Archive".

Plans landholdings E. R., I. S. and T.S.Chudnovski and N. and F. Schemelinov in Chernigov province [2 pp.] (p. 593, op. 27, d. 1155)

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22 Nov 2016 New book by Igor Olshevsky

We finish publishing book "Agatangel Krymsky: the call of the East" (2012, 2016).

It is, however, unfortunately not very broad access to works Academician and literature about him through small circulation, not every reasonable prices.

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20 Nov 2016 New about Anatoly Svydnytsky

The article "Anatoly Svydnytsky" (1985) by P. Khropko now published.

Prematurely, in the 37th year, cut short life A.Svydnytsky. He had to work in unbearable conditions. And so surprising accomplished writer, teacher, ethnographer, philanthropist.

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18 Nov 2016 New book on history

We finish publish book "Historian and style" by Alexei Jas (2014). Today – "Section IX. Transformation of the Soviet canon and his Ukrainian projection (F. Shevchenko, O. Kompan)."

9.3. Finding complementary measure of value. "The court of history" according to Shevchenko F / 9.4. History as "an exact science" or Marxism in the national cultural reading O. Kompan

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16 Nov 2016 New verses by J.Fedkovich

We offer readers "Tvelve songs about St. Nicholas" from the songbook "Ukrainian lyre-player."

1. The young age of the St. Nicholas / 2. How does one have planned their daughters to bring to sin, and St. Nicholas saves him / 3. As St. Nicholas is going on the road and his relatives die.

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14 Nov 2016 New about Chornobyl disaster

The collection of documents "Chornobyl disaster in the distorting mirror of the Communist press" is now continued. Today – posts from 21 to 29 April 1987.

Remember 2-rubl translation from Moscow first-graders. On the back of the receipt, he wrote with an error: "This money is for my peer."

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12 Nov 2016 New translations by Markian Shashkevych

We publish last 4 translations by M. Shashkevych, including "Yaroslavna’s cry."

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10 Nov 2016 New novel by Ulas Samchuk

We continue publishing the trilogy "Volyn" (1927 – 1937 years.). Today – the next 8 chapters of the novel "War and revolution."

Comrade peasants! Petliura with his councils does not establish a real mode. He bring anarchy, banditry, irregularities. Rights of peasants and workers are at risk.

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8 Nov 2016 New drama by I. Karpenko-Kary

The drama "Rover" (1883) is now published.

No, I’ll shut up! Stole public money and merchant with Jew; by falsification wanted to give guy to soldiers and marry his girl.

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6 Nov 2016 New article by J. Holovatsky

The article "Literature od the Red Russia" (1871) is now published.

More recently in the imagination of "Meta (Goal)" publishers imagining utopia independent Khokhland and Little Russian literature.

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4 Nov 2016 New article on history of culture

The article "Some observations on the name, date and place of origin of folk painting "Cossack-bandurist" (2016) by T. Gedz is now published.

The article discusses the cause of spreading the name "Cossack Mamai" to all people painting XVIII-XX centuries depicting a cossack. It is conjectured that the earliest paintings depicting a cossack was created on the right bank of the Dnieper in the territory that became the focus of the XVIII century haidamak movement.

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2 Nov 2016 New article on history of culture

The article "Thesis V. Chornovil in the Kyiv State Archives as the source for the study of his creative heritage" (2016) by O. Emchuk is now published.

By identifying scientific and philosophical views B.Grinchenko 23-year-old student Vyacheslav Chornovil demonstrated professional expertise.

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30 Oct 2016 New novel by Daniel Mordovtsev

We finish publishing a novel by D. L. Mordovtsev "Great Schism" (1878). Today – the last 12 chapters, including "43. Death Nikon. Epilog".

He passionately before dying now wanted to take a look, if still intact there on his cell junctions, the swallow’s nest that he had spared when it is not swept his stick…

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28 Oct 2016 New verses by Eugene Grebinka

We publish poem «Bogdan» (1839).

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26 Oct 2016 New book on Kyiv

Табл. LXXXIII. Клейма на кирпичах из…

We continue publication of the book "Ancient Kyiv, vol. 1" (1958) by M. K. Karger. Today – the next 18 tables.

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24 Oct 2016 New verses by Stepan Rudansky

We publish last 15 anecdotes by S. Rudansky.

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22 Oct 2016 New story by Ivan Nechuy-Levitsky

We publist the first story by Ivan Nechuy-Levitsky – "Two moskovkas" (1865).

1. Varka Homyha and her son Basil / 2. Anna and Marina / 3. Wedding Basil with Hanna / 4. Anna and Marina – moskovkas (Moskow wives).

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20 Oct 2016 New about Marko Vovchok

1850-і рр. Фотопортрет

Photo gallery of Marko Vovchok is replenished with 5 photos, including portrait of 1850-s.

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18 Oct 2016 New work by A. Kaschenko

We continue publishing "The story of the glorious Zaporozhian Host" (1917). Today – "5. The decline of the Cossack Army (1710 – 1734 years)."

Melancholy in Zaporozhye / Ivan Malashevych / Injustice Cossacks from Tatars / Second output to Bazavluh.

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16 Oct 2016 New verses by Dniprova Chajka

We publish next 10 verses by Dniprova Chajka.

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14 Oct 2016 New about electronic magazines

We publish thesis P. Salyha "Transforming of the network electronic journals as a phenomenon of mass communication." Today – "1. Theoretical basis of the research network electronic journals. "

1.1 Theoretical and practical approaches to justify the phenomenon of network electronic magazines / 1.2. Genesis network electronic journals in the context of publishing.

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12 Oct 2016 Ner article on archeometry

Published article Zakusylo O. M., Shevchenko N. A., Asaulova A. V. "Complex research of archaeological object IX cent. – "Ritual oak" from the collection of the National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine in Kiev (Pyrohovo)" (2016).

1. The results of field survey / 2. Research design features a metal frame / 3. Experimental study wood samples

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10 Oct 2016 New articles by Mykola Khvylovy

The суcle "Apologists of mechenical writing" (1926) now published.

1. The problem of the Cultural Revolution / 2. What is art? / 3. So what is finally art? / 5. Funny "criteria".

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8 Oct 2016 New short story by G. Kvitka-Osnovjanenko

We publish short story "Easter of corpses" (1833).

Cock-a-doodle-doo! immediately the cock… Sharast! Scattered bones of our dead body and dinging as if one emptied a bag of dimes!..

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6 Oct 2016 New verses by Nikolai Markevich

We publish next 15 verses by Nikolai Markevich, including "Bronze Bull" (1831).

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4 Oct 2016 New monograph on Kyiv

Mountain Clover, Trifolium montanum,…

Photo gallery of vegetation Kyiv islands and coastal tracts on the Dnipro is replenished with 20 photos.

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2 Oct 2016 New verses by Mykhajlo Petrenko

We publish last 14 verses by M. Petrenko (1840-s).

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