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1st quarter 2016

30 Mar 2016 New verses by O. Afanasiev-Chuzhbynsky

We publish a collection of poetry O. Afanasiev-Chuzhbynsky "What was in the heart" (1855).

Opinion / Spring / Autumn / Thoughts / Burning / Farewell / Misfortune / Tomb / Girl's true / Month / Snowstorm / Compassion / To the friend / Singer / To E. P. Grebinka

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28 Mar 2016 New novel by Eugene Grebinka

We publish novel "Nizhyn colonel Zolotarenko" by E. Grebinka (1842).

He was a noble man and had to die, God forgive me, a nasty town of Stary Bykhov!.. Yes, without a fight, shot damned, unlike say, as the grouse!..

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26 Mar 2016 New book on Kyiv

We continue publication of the book "Ancient Kyiv, vol. 1" (1958) by M. K. Karger. Today – chapter "5. Pottery".

History of the study of ceramics / Pots / Pallet ceramic / Hallmarks vascular / Glazed and painted pottery / Lamps. Figurines / Plinth / Plinth kiln

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24 Mar 2016 New rhymes by Bogdan Igor Antonych

We publish a fufth collection of poems by Bohdan-Ihor Antonych – "Green Gospel" (1938). Today – "Second chapter".

Daily bread / Bulls and beech / Oak sign / Idols night / Crossing / Duo / Garden

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22 Mar 2016 New verses by Stepan Rudansky

We publish next 14 anecdotes by S. Rudansky.

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20 Mar 2016 New story by A. Kaschenko

The story "From the Dnieper to the Danube" (1914) is now published.

The historical story of the departure of the Cossacks on the Danube after the destruction of the Zaporizha camp covers developments in 1775. It was written in 1914.

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18 Mar 2016 Verses by Athanasius Shpygotsky

Shpygotsky Athanasius G. (July 06, 1809 – Dec 18, 1889) – Ukrainian romantic poet. Now we offer some his romantic verses.

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16 Mar 2016 New works by Dniprova Chajka

We publish next 10 legends by Dniprova Chajka, including "Flooded fields burn."

Let them burning! Let burning! Let that gradually diminishes although world overcrowding, to free place for new ones that have to live!

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14 Mar 2016 New article by Mykola Khvylovy

The article "Thoughts against the current" (1926) now published.

Two powers / Psychological Europe / Cultural imitation / Formalism? / New organizational path as a summary.

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12 Mar 2016 New comedy by G. Kvitka-Osnovjanenko

The comedy "Courtship in Honcharivka" (1835) is now published.

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10 Mar 2016 New dictionary

Today we offer readers our new service – «Odnoslov (= one word)».

"Odnoslov" (= One word) – multilingual spelling dictionary that focuses on the needs of electronic publications.

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8 Mar 2016 New verses by Victor Zabila

We offer our readers the first 20 poems Victor Zabila, including "Nightingale."

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6 Mar 2016 New monograph on Kyiv

Odontites vulgaris (Photo Ślęzak A.)

Photo gallery of vegetation Kyiv islands and coastal tracts on the Dnipro is replenished with 10 photos.

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4 Mar 2016 New about I. Kotliarevsky

Today published «Aeneid (1798)».

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2 Mar 2016 New on our site

Today we have just a couple of interesting news:

1. Article S. Shakula "Dvorzhetsky and Galan – truth and myth" (2016).

2. Book V. I. Melnikov "Philosophy closed system" (2015).

3. Review of Anna Vyzhovets "Unknown or forgotten pages of history?" (2015) on the novel I. Korsak "The explosion in the desert."

4. The new novel by Ivan Korsak "Belated love Miklukho-Maclay" (2016).

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28 Feb 2016 New novel by Mykhajlo Starycky

We continue publishing historical novel by Mikhail Staritsky and Ljudmila Starytska-Chernjakhivska «Bogdan Khmelnycky» (1894 – 1897). Today – next 10 chapters, including "50. Tatars Tugay Bey join Khmelnitsky."

After half an hour before the ordered Cossacks lines and placed in the thick oreder infantry already worried irregular masses horde armed with swords, scimitars and bows.

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26 Feb 2016 New about hetman Petro Doroshenko

We begin to publish a collection of articles "Hetman Petro Doroshenko and his era in Ukraine" (2015).

Eugene Lunyak Latest conference Vladimir Kryvosheya / Yuri Mytsyk Remembering the Vladimir / Galina Yarovaya Remember Vladimir Vladimirovich.

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24 Feb 2016 New novel by Mykola Lazorsky

We continue publishing historical novel "Patriot" (1969) by Mykola Lazorsky. Today – "12. Christmas in Luneville."

1. The couple Orlik is planning holidays / 2. Orlik in King Stanislaw Leszczynski / 3. Palace in Luneville / 4. Orlik family in Luneville / 5. Christmas dinner / 6. Messenger to Glukhiv.

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22 Feb 2016 New tragedy by Nicholas Kostomarov

We publish tragedy "Pereyaslav night" (1841).

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20 Feb 2016 New book by Ivan Korsak

We continue publishing book by Ivan Korsak "Velvet past years" (2001). Today – next 7 chapters, including "Maybe we were romantic."

We lacked the ability desk, which is produced by a bureaucratic activity: how to push through a decision, as it is easier to hold on costs.

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18 Feb 2016 New guide

We getting to publish guide L. M. Shestopalova "theory of law and state" (2011). Today – "Introduction".

Theory of Law and State, as rightly noted scholars in the field, serves as both an encyclopedia of law, and partly sociology and philosophy of law.

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16 Feb 2016 New articles by Dmytro Dontsov

We continue publishing collection "Moscow poison" (1955). Today – next 5 articles, including "Silt captivity."

And just all those little idea and slogans borrowed (with cowardice) from Marxism – all this is nothing but silt captivity.

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14 Feb 2016 New book on history

We continue publish book "Historian and style" by Alexei Jas (2014). Today – "Chapter V. "Critical" positivism and its sociological, neokantian and vitalistic revision."

5.1. "Organic integrity", "wheel of evolution" and factor approach in research strategies M. S. Hrushevsky / 5.2. "Masses" – the old / new hero or modernization narrative Hrushevsky.

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12 Feb 2016 New article on history of culture

The article by S. Shakula "The film about a masterpiece of creative personality" (2016).

The film "Symphony" was filmed during the month, but the installation films having enormous difficulties – just hellish technical torment…

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10 Feb 2016 New verses by J.Fedkovich

We offer readers the last 9 poems from the collection "Thoughts and songs" (1862).

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8 Feb 2016 New historical source

We publish a book A. V. Pyvovar "Alphabets settlements "Kiev" counties of Voznesensk governorship in 1796" (2011). Today – "4. Information on Katerynopolskoho district."

4.1. Supporting documents / 4.2. Alphabetical register of holders Katerynopil district with information about their proper settlement / 4.3. Total alphabet settlements Katerynopil district.

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6 Feb 2016 New monograph on history

We finish publication of monograph "Cossack Ukraine of 16 – 18 centuries in the French historical studies" by E. Lunjak. Today – "6. The past Ukraine Cossack period in modern French historiography."

The impact of scientific activities Hrushevsky and other Ukrainian historians on the development of French research Ukraine Cossack era in the first half of the twentieth century.

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4 Feb 2016 New book on history

We continue publish book M. V. Kharyshyn "How Kiev church moved to obedience to the Moscow Church" (2015). Today – the chapter "3. Kiev Metropolia during the Liberation War of the Ukrainian people".

1. Government Actions of Bohdan Khmelnytsky to strengthen the position of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church / 2. The role of the Orthodox factor in the development of Ukrainian power.

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2 Feb 2016 New works by J. Holovatsky

Published folklore recordings, including "Tales for the Gypsies."

Do not do everything yourself / Catch in the field / Hang someone who wants / Don't throw over raft / Jumped over mare / Gypsy assumption / Maybe calf / Gypsy and devil.

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30 Jan 2016 New about Chornobyl disaster

The collection of documents "Chornobyl disaster in the distorting mirror of the Communist press" is now continued. Today – posts from 11th to 20th March 1987.

When the Hero of the Soviet Union L.P.Telyatnikov returned to Kiev, I asked him to share his impressions of the trip to England.

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28 Jan 2016 New translations by Markian Shashkevych

We publish translation of "Koroledvir manuscript."

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26 Jan 2016 New book by Igor Olszewski

We continue publish an essay by Igor Olszewski "Taras Shevchenko: from the name – to mission" (2014). Today – next 10 chapters.

Great Kobzar had special mission and for its performance poet had to go through serfdom to become a singer of Will. But one thing – to become, and the other – to be, constantly risking himself.

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24 Jan 2016 New story by Daniel Mordovtsev

We publish last 8 chapters of the story by D. L. Mordovets "For whose sins?"

Great Tsar!.. Voivod Prince Yuri… your sovereign troops… thief Stenka… and his crowd broke down… – Shouts of joy burst from hundreds of breasts. All cross themselves…

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22 Jan 2016 Verses by Ismail Sreznevsky

Sreznevsky Ismail Ivanovich (June 01, 1812 – Sep 02, 1880) – Russian Slavic scholar. At the beginning of a creative way also acted as a Ukrainian poet and folklorist. Now we offer some his romantic verses.

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20 Jan 2016 New fables by Eugene Grebinka

We publish last 9 fables by E. Grebinka.

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18 Jan 2016 New book on Kyiv

Табл. LVa. “Имитационные” формочки,…

We continue publication of the book "Ancient Kyiv, vol. 1" (1958) by M. K. Karger. Today – the next 10 tables.

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16 Jan 2016 New rhymes by Bogdan Igor Antonych

We publish a fufth collection of poems by Bohdan-Ihor Antonych – "Green Gospel" (1938). Today – "The first lyrical Intermezzo."

The first chapter of the Bible / Wedding / Wedding Night / Hop / Two hearts / Thorns / Horseshoe

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14 Jan 2016 New poem by S. Rudansky

We publish poem "Ivan Skoropada."

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12 Jan 2016 New work by A. Kaschenko

We continue publishing "The story of the glorious Zaporozhian Host" (1917). Today – "3. Zaporizhzhya Army during the great ruins (1648 – 1680 years). "

Age of Khmelnitsky / Attitude Cossacks to Moscow / Ivan Sirko / Cossacks elect hetman Briukhovetsky / Sirko fighting against Hetman Teteria and Charnetsky.

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10 Jan 2016 New verses by Tymko Padura

Published 11 verses by Tymko Padura.

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8 Jan 2016 New verses by Dniprova Chajka

We publish next 10 verses by Dniprova Chajka.

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6 Jan 2016 New novel by Mykola Khvylovy

"The novel about sanatorium zone" now published (1924, second part).

I believe that in my lush dark eyes troubled republic finally will play blue ray, and it will come something so long looking for.

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4 Jan 2016 New novel by G. Kvitka-Osnovjanenko

The novel "Mary" (1833) now published.

And this is so people do with their children, and that the heavenly Father that his clemency is infinite! And when he would send for the sins that trouble and then he will have mercy! Only submit him!

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2 Jan 2016 Report 2015

«Annual report 2015» about site operation now publushed.

Annual report of the website «Myslene drevo» for the 2015 year – 1422 thousands visitors.

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