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Universal dimensions of Ukrainian culture

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Bibliographic description of the hard copy edition : Універсальні виміри української культури. –
Одеса : Друк, 2000 р. – 216 с.

In the book within a conceptual approach to limit reasons category as cultural universals considered various phenomena of Ukrainian culture. In the research of literature and ethnography, based on the analysis of philosophical, literary, epic, poetry, religious and mythological texts of Ukrainian and world culture revealed deep ideological universal constants, which determine not only anthropological, but also the cultural unity of all humanity. As a result of detection of invariant components in the structure of texts, apparatus and methodological study of national cultural forms became possible to represent our cultural achievements in wide cultural context.

For scientists, teachers of cultural studies, ukrainian studies, philosophy in high school students.

Editorial board:

Prof. V.A. Ryzhko (Chairman of Editorial Board)

Prof. A.S. Kirilyuk (Editor)

Prof. V.S. Gorski,

Prof. S.B. Krymsky,

Prof. B.O. Parakhonsky,

Prof. P.G. Hopchenko,

Doctor of Arts A.G. Bakanursky.

Approved for publication by the Academic Council Center for Humanities Education National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the protocol number 7 of 27 June 2000.

Referees: Prof. P.G. Hopchenko, Prof. M.F. Tsybra, M.F. Shmyhol.

© Authors section.


A.S. Kirilyuk Preface

Chapter 1

A.S. Kirilyuk Conceptual and methodological foundations of finding a universal dimension of culture

Chapter 2. Language, nation, state

V.S. Gorski Ukraine – Europe: a view from both sides

A.S. Kirilyuk Universal cultural structure of mythological foundations of mass political consciousness

N.A. Ivanova-Georgiyevskaya Modern Ukrainian culture in a global context searches of authenticity: fashion tradition

S.P. Simonenko Problems of cultural policy in Ukraine and worldwide intercultural interaction

N.I. Badjora The social structure of the Byzantine Empire and the peculiarities of Ukrainian cultural and political mindset

A.S. Kirilyuk Universal and cultural aspects of Ukrainian national existence

Chapter 3. Philosophical-religious, ethical and aesthetic consciousness

I.O. Odohivska Faith, Hope and Love in philosophical, religious and ethical thought of Ukraine and world cultural tradition

A.G. Bakanursky, G.V. Misjun, I.V. Reshetnikova Ukrainian folk theater in the context of European culture spectacular

A.S. Kirilyuk Universal dimensions of culture: biblical discourse and biblical motifs in demonstrative folklore

Chapter 4. Myth and mythical and poetical literature

B.O. Parakhonsky Convention in the structure of the texts of Ukrainian and world culture

A.S. Kirilyuk Universal cultural content epic poetic texts

O.V. Dobrodum World Tree as a symbol of cultural unity in diversity

A.S. Kirilyuk Universal symbol of cultural meanings of the World Tree

G.M. Pasisnychenko Poetic thinking and artistic creativity of Alexander Dovzhenko

A.S. Kirilyuk Transpersonal ontological origins of psychology and universal cultural themes and images in the works of A.Dovzhenko

Chapter 5. Metalanguage of culture

N.V. Spodarets Stylistic dimension of modernism as a cultural metalanguage (Russian and Ukrainian model)

L.O. Yarosh Poetic metalanguage in the theme awakening the soul in "Forest Song" by Lesja Ukrainka (philosophical aspect)

A.S. Kirilyuk Ukrainian mythology and universal cultural structure of the "Forest Song" by Lesja Ukrainka

Chapter 6. Cultural anthropology

L.G. Drotyanko Ukrainian context of cosmism philosophy

A.S. Kirilyuk Universal cultural dimensions of cosmism philosophy

Vasil Barladyanu-Byrladnyk Ukrainian village – the cradle of national culture and mentality

A.S. Kirilyuk Universal options sociocultural spaciality: Ukrainian hut