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Science / Economics / Statistical indices in economic research

Statistical indices
in economic research

Andrienko V.Yu.

Kyiv 2004

Book cover

The publication highlights the theoretical foundations of index method application in economic and statistical research, the problem of statistical paradoxes, using qualitative, quantitative and volume indicators, consideration of structural factors in the construction of aggregate indices, especially the index of multifactor analysis.

For scientists, economists, statisticians, teachers and students of economic specialties.



Chapter I. Scope, limits and features of the index method

Essence of the index method

Links of the index method with other methods of statistics

Logical foundations of the factor index analysis

Types of functional dependence and features of index analysis

Chapter II. The methodology of constructing aggregate indexes

System of the aggregate indexes

Types of variables that are indexed, and the problem of aggregate indexes

Scope and quantitative characterization of structural factors

Structural factors in a "statistical paradoxes"

Indices of quality indicators

Indexing of quantitative indicators

Indices of volume indicators

Index method for analysis of the structure of socio-economic phenomena

Chapter III. Multifactor index analysis of economic indicators

The essence and the problem of multifactor index analysis

Signs of formalities multifactor models

Classification of quality indicators for the index analysis

Forms the link between the quality indicators

Principles of multifactor index models

List of literature

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