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Anna of Rus in the light of historical sources

Yevgen Luniak

In the research author studies Anna of Rus’ life and activity. She was the queen of France and the daughter of the Grand Prince Yaroslav Mudriy (Yaroslav the Wise) of Kyiv. Author has a shot at reconstruction of her biography on the ground of historical sources. The complex analysis of medieval historical reports about Anna Yaroslavna is made. Special attention is inverted on a complex of the literature, which earlier was not investigated or was ignored. The attempt of historical image’s demythologization is made. Author gives Latin medieval historical testimonies and fragments of French historical studies in Ukrainian translation.

Content (in ukrainian)

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Anna Yaroslavna as an object of historical research and character of art works

Anna Yaroslavna in light of historical sources

Queen Anne value in domestic and French history

Life and work of Anna Ruska in the mirror of medieval documents

French historians of the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries on Queen Anne

Selected literature devoted to Anna Yaroslavna