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Life and creativity of Lev Gumilev

Zharkikh N.I.

Kiev 2004


This work began in 1996 and lasted quite briskly until the end of 1997, when were written the first 11 author's sheets. After this becane big break – until 2003. I justify the fact that did not sit idly: for this time began and ended with the publication of Bibliography of old Ukraine", which took some time (200 author's sheets of in a single day will not do), launched into orbit program Myslene drevo" (which is also 100 author's sheets of only the text of the program, and how much effort required to debug a program – that none of the non-programmer does not understand: ""). Now I decided to take a break from programming and do something easier, such as science. And with that I started the second route of this work. Some sections that were written in 1997, and that I like now, I did not bother to update it.

Become more difficult to deal with the work title. I originally called it the "Laws by Lev Gumilev". Then, in order to make the name more transparent and understandable, proposed options "Ethnogenetic laws by Lev Gumilev, "Lev Gumilev and the laws of ethnogenesis", "Lev Gumilev or Laws of ethnogenesis," "Or Lev Gumilev – or the laws of ethnogenesis." Finally, all these options were rejected, and I decided to divide the work into two parts. The first, devoted to Lev Gumilev, now before you. Second, dedicated to my argument about the legality of ethnogenesis, now ponder and – inshallah! – will once written.


Biographical information on L.N.Gumilev

The son of his father

In the socialist paradise

In socialist purgatory

Characteristic of Gumilev's scientific activity

Scientific activity of Gumilev

Publishing fate of Gumilev's works

The sequence of formation of the theory of ethnogenesis

Public response for works of Gumilev

Comments on specific historical works

Proceedings in nomadisics

Opening and closing of Khazaria

Self-deception and attempts to overcome it

The concept of relations of Russia and the Golden Horde

Comments on the general theory of ethnogenesis

Discussion of 1970

Article by V.I. Kozlov

Articles of 1980th

False accusations of anti-Semitism

Article by L. S. Klein

Article by A. Yanov

Misunderstanding of the theory of Gumilev

The question of plagiarism by Y.V. Bromley

Series of historical novels by D.M. Balashov

Author's response to comments on his works

Additional excursions

Legend of the Marxist nature of ethnogenesis theory

Legend of the geographical nature of ethnogenesis theory

Non-simultaneity moisture Eurasia

Oscillations of the Caspian sea level

Influence of climate fluctuations to landscape areas

Climate fluctuations and movements of nomads

"Twin-track" by Gumilev and the modern understanding of old mongolian religion

Eternal aggressiveness of China

When L.N.Gumilev's books were written

The fourth period

Bibliography of L.N.Gumilev

Scientific and popular scientific works, 1949 – 1969 years

Scientific and popular scientific works, 1970 – 1987 years

Scientific and popular scientific works, 1988 – 1998 years

Poetry and translations

Newspaper articles and interviews


The invasion of Batu and Mamai to Russia in the representation of V.A. Chivilihin

Preliminary observations on the properties of the author's outlook

The image of the inquisitive reader

V.A. Chivilihin on popularization of the history

V.A. Chivilihin on Russian historiography

V.A. Chivilihin and sources

Slavophilism of V.A. Chivilihin

V.A. Chivilihin about the good qualities of the Russian people and the bad qualities of the Mongols

V.A. Chivilihin on ethnogenesis

The main features of V.A. Chivilihin's views on history

V.A. Chivilihin on the properties of the empire of Genghis Khan

V.A. Chivilihin on the properties of the Jurchen state

V.A. Chivilihin on the military art of the Mongols

V.A. Chivilihin on unproven accusations

Prospective well-intentioned V.A. Chivilihin

V.A. Chivilihin about lost victories

V.A. Chivilihin on the causes of Horde's victories and defeats of Russian

V.A. Chivilihin on the causes of the Mongol invasion

V.A. Chivilihin on the role of personality in history

V.A. Chivilihin on the properties of the Golden Horde and Golden Horde-Russian alliance

V.A. Chivilihin on the properties of the Mamai's troops

Metastasis of racism


List of abbreviations

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